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obama is a hack

23 December 2008 _ 12h58m12 EDT
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“On January 20th, President-elect Barack Obama will take the oath of office using the same Bible upon which President Lincoln was sworn in at his first inauguration.”

good grief, is there is no end to this hack? first he read ‘team of rivals’ and has to take a train tour to the inauguration, now he needs to use king linkum the first’s bible. i wonder if he also plans to end his presidential career in the same way as the great emancipator?
did lincoln also have a ‘god hates fags’ speaker at his inauguration?

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'jt' responds:

yeah that rick warren thing is too much. the saying is “…keep your enemies closer,” not “let your enemies cleveland steam the country at your behest.”

'the angry red planet' responds:

rick warren isn’t obama’s enemy though; they both agree that gays are worth less than people like them.
i’ve heard obama apologists say, ‘oh, but warren has progressive views on global warming’. who gives a shit what he thinks about climate change? since when do toolbags turn to their ministers to find about about lowering the thermostat or buying a hybrid?

'jt' responds:

maybe they should get sonny perdue to come up there and pray for the economy to right itself, it worked when he held a rain prayer on the capitol steps here. oh wait, no it didnt!

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