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sweden, pirates, hummus

8 April 2009 _ 23h21m56 EDT
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~ in the dark days of our ‘lost months’ abroad last year, we tried to explain to our host how the united states was ‘better’ than sweden. news from the horn of africa sums it up more vividly than bickering over the cleanliness of local buses:

The first pirate attack in more than 200 years against a U.S.-flagged vessel off Africa led to a tense standoff Wednesday after a crew of Americans retook control of the ship and the hijackers fled into a lifeboat.

if it had been a swedish-flagged ship, they would have given the pirates amnesty and free condos in stockholm. fact.

a dot

~ in the tradition of warning our american readers away from awful experiences: unless it is midnight, and you have to visit a chain store, or you are on a road trip, perhaps to florida, you won’t be forced to make do with ‘deli’ hummus, but when it happens, stay the fuck away from ‘athenos neo classic’ hummus; we were drawn in by the awesome name, before the first bite induced a gag reflex. it is the worst food we have tasted since sampling salted licorice (in sweden). terrible. try to find sabra’s hummus or the one that has a photo of brooklyn on the label.

awful athenos hummus

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'Carl' responds:

When were you in Sweden? What did you visit there?

'the angry red planet' responds:

it was like a year ago, ‘carl’.

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