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gooby looks terrible

9 April 2009 _ 11h22m04 EDT
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~ Gooby

again, we can’t bitch about the lack of narrative information in this film poster, as this banal specimen adequately represents how boring and subversively creepy the movie must be. we mainly wanted to direct your attention to the awful production quality of the trailer; this piece looks so crummy and vacuous, one would almost feel sorry for the kids whose sappy parents make them sit through it, if one was not consumed with frustrated rage:

that anti-semitic mickey mouse show that hamas ran had better production values. by the way, ‘gooby’ is featured at cannes. fact!

also, we would be surprised if anyone could recall a single decent film that has featured eugene levy.

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'billy' responds:

I wasn’t aware of this movie until now, but I gotta say it looks pretty awesome. I am a fan of Theodore Rex though.

'billy' responds:

You can thank your anti-capitalization zealousness for breaking that link.

'the angry red planet' responds:

capitalization is allowed! you didn’t capitalize the link when you posted it!

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