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i don’t celebrate bullshit columbus day

12 October 2009 _ 13h21m51 EDT
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~ you probably do not know that today is ‘columbus day’, because you don’t have the day off from work and are busy flipping through wall treatment catalogues or tracing handrails in autocad, and google didn’t put up a cute doodle of an ‘italian’ driving his sword into a caribbean beach. however, there is some nobody in alaska who wants to make sure you forget(?):

“We have a very large Alaska native population, so just the whole Columbus being the founder of the United States, doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, myself included,” said Paul Prussing, deputy director of Alaska’s Division of Teaching and Learning Support.

…or with anyone who has read a history book that makes clear that columbus died more than 280 years before the united states was (were?) founded.

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