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Murder-suicide note posted on Facebook

LOS ANGELES – A California man who killed himself and his 9-month-old son in an apparent murder-suicide left dozens of angry, desperate messages to the boy’s mother, including a lengthy suicide note and a memorial collage that appeared on the Web hours after he was dead.
Authorities were looking into whether a third person actually posted the suicide note and collage to Garcia’s Facebook account after Garcia prepared the items before his death.

what kind of fucking loser doesn’t have his own website to post misanthropic rants such as, ‘if i have to open internet explorer one more time i’m going to paint the wall with my brains‘ or ‘if i have to look up ‘cupcake vector’ again today, i’m going end up testing the tensile strength of this miniblind drawstring with my weight‘ or ‘if that girl with the ‘organic farming’ t-shirt comes out with that douchebag in the black drainpipes i’m gunning this tempo off the seabees bridge‘? status updates are for tweens; a grown man should be using scheduled posting for having his suicide message appear, rather than asking some stooge to manually post it later. someone this pathetic should have killed himself. we don’t know about including the 9 month old, but at least he didn’t dress him in children’s lingerie.

by the way, this piece will be posted two (2) hours after it is written, in case we drop a toaster in the bathtub the moment isak borg arrives in lund!

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