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the web of the amazing adventures spider-man’s spectacular

9 April 2012 _ 19h30m30 EDT
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~ after 50 years of being in fist fights for a living, spider-man discovers than he could wear a helmet instead of a cloth mask, then parade around like he just discovered plutonium (by accident!). if you could use all that tech and shit in one day, why wouldn’t you just use it all the time?

anyway, the point is, the hideous design of the costume notwithstanding (the eyes are wrong!!), how could you show off that weak thing in front of iron man and not feel like a tool? “oh look you have shoulder pads and a turtleneck now; meanwhile, my armor costs more than the space shuttle,” says tony stark. maybe next issue captain america, the guy who runs fucking s.h.i.e.l.d., will be asking you for tactical advice on a brawl w/ doctor octopus, and you can respond ‘we beat them up quickly.’ innovative! when did comics start being written for kids?

also, it looks like spider-woman will still be walking/flying into the next fight in just a spandex bodysuit.

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