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avengers vs. x-men 2

19 April 2012 _ 14h15m45 EDT
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~ admittedly, we haven’t read any x-books for fun since grant morrison’s exceptional run on ‘new x-men’; we only read them occasionally to keep up w/ who is on what team and or in which future/past they are or who is dead/returned from the dead. it is a chore, but we try to keep up so we aren’t totally lost for the inevitable crossover events:

avengers vs x-men 2

colossus about to get ruined

the pseudo-military jargon that he has been barking since replacing xavier as ‘leader of all mutants’ was annoying enough, but when did cyclops start talking like a religious lunatic: messiah, extinction? captain america’s oldest friends are androids, an atlantean, an alien/god; he even gave the red hulk a job! we are sure he isn’t trying to kill every mutant on earth. magneto looks like less of a psycho than cyclops now.

speaking of religious nuts, since when does storm believe on god? shouldn’t it be ‘goddess help us’?

anyway, do they not have a continuity style sheet for marvel writers/artists? we understand it when they do things like draw brownstones or a river in downtown atlanta, but why are the avengers calmly jumping out of the intact helicarrier in ‘new avengers’ 24, but at the beginning of ‘avx’ issue two they are thrown out as it is being destroyed? why does the helicarrier look different in every marvel comic? is s.h.i.e.l.d. building a new one every week? jrjr’s looks ridiculously incorrect; the jets are flying out of the sides as if it is the battlestar galactica!

also, in real life the avengers would totally pwnt the x-men.

grade: B-, for laughs

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