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catwoman 0

12 September 2012 _ 11h00m06 EDT
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~ we normally don’t post about dc comics here, but today they have done something worthy of ridicule, so we can’t resist. guillem march’s original cover of ‘catwoman 0’ was rightly maligned across the internet, and dc tried to respond by changing the cover. unfortunately, for them anyway, the new one is just as unreal.

while it is admirable(?)that they gave catwoman an ass reduction and re-attached her breasts to her body, we still believe that you can not bend your spine backwards 90 degrees. her left leg looks to be about three times as long as her torso, the right leg is about the length of the left leg’s shin. her left hand is grossly enlarged, so perhaps march is employing a thing called ‘foreshortening’. to his credit, after all, it could be possible for a human body to be so contorted if we are looking at her from 2000 yards away, through both wide-angle and telephoto lenses simultaneously, a ‘technique’ we used to employ on our interior models, back when we were still ‘doing architecture’.

Catwoman 0 cover

ps. the new dc logo sucks!

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