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12 O’Clock Assholes

9 August 2013 _ 16h00m27 EDT
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12 O'Clock Assholes

we once went on a tirade against the cliche of ‘[he/she] is trying to hard’ — because everyone tries too hard, therefore no one is trying. also, the people who ‘try too hard’ are often ‘somebodies’ because of it, rather than nobodies who post on a website twice a year, bitching about someone else’s fun. however, artforum is really trying too hard. something (my experience with human nature) tells me that the fart huffers who read, write, and/or edit artforum would not be caught dead within a country mile of the neighborhoods where this movie was filmed; it’s the equivalent of saying the poverty in china or india or mexico makes for beautiful photographs, or that the visually striking image of a plane hitting the world trade center is marvelous to behold. therefore, artforum is worse than 9/11. i hope everyone in this movie dies.

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