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4 February 2010 _ 18h25m15 EDT
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~ at the risk of being labeled a ‘useless shit’ by jonn ground – and now at the risk of being accused of misquoting him, we would like to point out that we didn’t spend the entire month of january cutting or staring at our least favorite adobe product. we put down our razors and swung by the work.group offices to spit out 31 façades external link, about six (6) of which are decent, or at least as good as half the pieces in the design prescription external link, all in the name of ‘fun-a-day’.


2/3 through

3 February 2010 _ 18h05m18 EDT
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~ as expected, january sucked, big time, but things like this allow us to take comfort, in the words of jtftg, that the end of the world is nigh. after closing that site and purging our cache, we had to check the calendar three times to make sure it was not april 1st. no, which means we still must slog though february.


latest search terms

4 May 2009 _ 17h13m52 EDT
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obama, hack, still

29 January 2009 _ 13h50m50 EDT
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~ while the rest of us – or maybe 3% of us – struggle to pay our energy bills, yet still freeze our asses off whilst wearing four (4) layers indoors, obama likes to keep it warm enough to sit around in his shirtsleeves in january:

Mr. Obama, who hates the cold, had cranked up the thermostat.

“He’s from Hawaii, O.K.?” said Mr. Obama’s senior adviser, David Axelrod”


yet, a day or so earlier, he was admonishing the relatively southern city of washington, dc, because they don’t have enough snow shovels or mr. plows:

“My children’s school was canceled today,” Obama said, speaking to reporters before a meeting with business leaders. “Because of what? Some ice? . . . We’re going to have to apply some flinty Chicago toughness to this town.”

washington post

despite obama’s strange ability to navigate blizzards with aplomb yet still be uncomfortable in a 64 degree room, and notwithstanding obama’s lack of ‘concern’ for either frugality or for the fate of those remaining polar bears perched on disappearing ice floes as the white house burns more than enough fuel, why can’t anyone determine where he is from – hawaii or illinois? i guess lincoln must have claimed to be from more than one state, too. meanwhile, jimmy carter was indisputably from georgia, and he installed solar panels on the white house.


obama is a hack

23 December 2008 _ 12h58m12 EDT
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“On January 20th, President-elect Barack Obama will take the oath of office using the same Bible upon which President Lincoln was sworn in at his first inauguration.”

good grief, is there is no end to this hack? first he read ‘team of rivals’ and has to take a train tour to the inauguration, now he needs to use king linkum the first’s bible. i wonder if he also plans to end his presidential career in the same way as the great emancipator?
did lincoln also have a ‘god hates fags’ speaker at his inauguration?



8 February 2008 _ 12h05m46 EDT
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Having accepted the Fun-A-Day challenge thrown down by Philadelphia’s Artclash Collective, the work.group [w] has passed the month of January 2008 executing the design of 31 houses – a house a day. Having succeeded heroically in this task, the work.group hereby issues an urgent summons to witness its triumph at the presentation of ‘house-a-day’ as part of the 4th annual Fun-A-Day exhibition.

Fun-A-Day 4
7 to 11pm
February 16, 2008

4522 Baltimore Avenue
West Philadelphia

see house-a-day progress at: www.sisyphean.com/31houses


do as i say not as i do

24 September 2004 _ 15h00m38 EDT
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~ during a round table discussion in which we were recently engaged, it was mentioned that the daughter of the head of the Christian coalition in georgia is a lesbian. this was deemed remarkable as it was emblematic of hypocrisy. the question was about how a mother could simultaneously promote family values whilst condemning her own daughter as a hedonist.
it was mentioned that the excuse used by people like this mother is that she promotes the ideal rather than the reality. this dovetails with the ‘do as i say not as i do’ homily, which parents have made more famous every time their kids drink and curse.

this interests us because it helps make clear how the right – evangelicals, republicans, conservatives – can make unflinchingly a statement that contradicts factual evidence and/or previous statements – for example, bush referring to iraq and afghanistan, which have not had elections since we toppled their governments, as ‘democracies’ while he berates the united nations. it seems to us that the right has found a loophole in which they are absolved of responsibility.

it is one thing for bush to refrain from holding press conferences and to refuse to answer questions at his rallies, as it keeps from being ‘under the spot’, but the very excuse that he should not be expected to think on his feet is frightening considering the responsibilities of a commander-in-chief in a nuclear armed world. if you always hold an ideal and a plan, then you should never be afraid of a question as it means you will always have an answer. some answers might make you unpopular, but then you at least should know what those answers would be and how to avoid them. by offering no answers, you reveal that not only do you not know what is going on; you don’t have an idea about what should be going on.

the republicans have made some amazing statements over the past couple of weeks, such as g.norquist saying the Americans who fought in World War 2 ‘defended anti-American policies’ or d.hastert asserting that g.soros has gotten his billions from ‘drug groups’ or d.cheney telling us that kerry’s criticism of the mistakes in iraq ‘encourages more violence’ or that bibles will be banned if kerry becomes president. if anyone ever bothers to ask them how they can say such nonsensical things, they are able to confidently shrug or snort and convert the listener into the one who is making a mistake.

this would be a quaintly amusing trait, if it were not leading to needless violence and deaths. bush is telling us that the cia is ‘just guessing’ that there are problems in iraq, despite senators from his own party warning us of the danger of the current strategy – or lack thereof – while the u.n. is repeating that there can not be elections in january if the current situation persists. as long as the administration is grinning on tv and saying that everything is going great while we ‘march towards’ …something, the problem is not so much that americans are tricked into thinking that everything is going well as much as it is that bush and company think that tricking americans is the only job at hand. rather than address the cause of the danger, they will merely cover the symptoms. as long as they tout the ideal as reality, they will avoid looking at the situation of soldiers being shredded and dismembered by roadside bombs while they drive around waiting for…something. looking at the original excuse, it might not be a loophole at all; it could be what they truly believe.


byzantine chess match

2 March 2004 _ 10h49m18 EDT
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~ back in january, we thought some people in iowa were fools for not having made a decision less than a day before their caucus. this ‘super’ tuesday, it is clear that we won’t vote for kerry; it is not clear what will be the most effective move against him. we had been pulling for dean, even sending out all those handwritten letters, so our original intention was to vote for him as an ‘i told you so’ to the naysayers and morons who used the term ‘dot-com’ when referring to his candidacy. it is conceivable that our state could go for edwards, so should we vote for him just to spite kerry and to add some tumult to the season? kucinich is the only person in the running who comes close to the ideological persuasion of the angry red planet, so perhaps we should ‘vote our conscience’, despite the likelihood that he might not get the nomination; this is what we have always done in the past. the result is that we are stuck in the position against which it is our policy to rail: having a vote be part of some byzantine chess match instead of having it be some declaration of hope and optimism.

of course, this is all idle chatter, because when november arrives, we will be casting our votes for an independent candidate.


letter from michael moore

8 October 2002 _ 11h46m09 EDT
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~ from the angry red planet inbox:

Subject: [plist] Letter from Michael Moore (PLEASE WAKE UP TO CORRUPTION – NO WAR,

October 1, 2002


Dear Friends,

This is Michael Moore, activist and filmmaker, with an important message to all Americans who don’t like being fooled and lied to by the assholes in power.

I was going to write you a letter about what a pathetic liar George W. Bush is — but then I figured, hey, why waste your time telling you something you already know!

You already know that his planned invasion of Iraq is a ruse meant to distract the public from the real issues, those issues being the following:

1. The number of people unemployed since he “took” office has risen by 35%.
2. We had a federal SURPLUS of $281 billion when he was inaugurated; today we have a DEFICIT of $157 billion.

3. TWO MILLION jobs have been eliminated since Bush began his occupation of the Oval Office.
4. The stock market is down 34% since January of 2001.
5. Another 1.4 million people now have NO health insurance, making it a total of over 41 million Americans who can’t afford to get sick.
6. Only 13 corporate crooks out of HUNDREDS have been indicted, and none of them have been the close personal friends of Mr. Bush.

THOSE are the real issues facing us, not some phony excuse for a war.

But, like I said, you already know that. You know that Bush is lying through his smirk when he says Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction.” He has not offered one shred of evidence to prove this. Not one! You know he is lying when he says that there is a “connection” between Saddam and bin Laden. Even members of his own administration have admitted that is not true. It’s just one lie after another, and I applaud those three congressmen who went to Iraq this week and told it like it is — and demanded that the sanctions which have already killed a half-million Iraqi children be ended. Sen. Trent Lott said “they should come home and keep their mouths shut.” I say, we need more damn Democrats with that kind of courage and with mouths like that! Which brings me to the real point of this letter. The Democrats.

I have never seen a more lame bunch of cowards and appeasers in my life. They are ready to bow down before Bush and give him what he wants to wage war against Iraq. This pathetic excuse of a party is an embarrassment to us all. The fact that they let Robert Torricelli run for re-election in New Jersey, knowing how dirty he was, shows just how capable they are of handing the Senate over to Bush and the Republicans come November. They have blown it over and over again, and lots of good people I know who keep putting their faith in the Democrats are just giving up — and that is the worst thing to happen in a free society.

What are we going to do? Left to their own devices, the Democrats will not only hand both the House and the Senate to the Republicans in November,they will guarantee that Bush gets his second undeserved term in 2004. We must not let that happen. This year’s election was theirs for the taking. Just look at the state of the union Bush gave us: Bush cronies caught stealing from the corporate till, Bush and Cheney caught breaking the law in the ’90s, the economy in the toilet, and Bush failing to do the only real job he had to do since 9/11: Get bin Laden! What a disgrace! Yet the Democrats could not even find enough candidates to offer a REAL challenge to the Republicans in nearly 200 House districts for the November 5th elections. What an appalling excuse of a party. OK, I know, there is not much we can do about this now. But we all need to get busy and ensure that this whole rotten system is rocked by the disgruntled millions come election day 2004. Otherwise, we have no right to complain.

In the meantime, we must stop the Bush attack on Iraq. We must find out now, as W says, “who is wid us and who is agin us.” I am asking each of you to go to [link] and sign the petition to the Democrats: “You’re Either With Us Or You’re Fired,” informing the Democrats that whoever amongst them votes for this war, we pledge NEVER to vote for them again. I will personally see that your on-line signatures are delivered to every member of Congress. Then let’s figure out together what we can do to turn things around by 2004.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. We have no other choice.

Michael Moore



~ with full knowledge that participating in machine-operated electoral politics is a futile exercise, the angry red planet still encourages you to vote against the democrats (and others) despite their actions regarding the above letter.

~ with full knowledge that michael moore participates in the consumption of beef purchased from mcdonald’s, the angry red planet still encourages you to consider making the useless gesture requested in the above letter.


rich food birch beer

2 May 2001 _ 13h51m46 EDT
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~ even though it is hotter than a two dollar pistol in this town, sore throats have ravaged the offices of the angry red planet; fevers and allergies followed to tag team any survivors. the quickness with which the diseases infested the offices can only be attributed to the lack of fortification which has arisen from both ‘vitality’ and ‘combat’ having been removed from our daily regimen. we do not seek pity from our gentle readers; rather, we merely offer this information as a complement to our recent lack of news. with the knowledge of this set of varied conditions, the reader may perhaps be able to deduce our most immediate histories, and he or she may forgive our lack of prolificacy accordingly.
   before this epidemic, however, we enjoyed an exciting weekend forays into the city:

~ our primary issue of locating a somewhat decent comic book store finally has been addressed; though the back issue stock is found to be wanting, and though a large portion of the store is devoted to toys and movie memorabilia, the girl behind the register – after giving us the elevator eyes – informed us that we did not need to check our bags, as did the suits before and after us. hence, “forbidden planet” at union square is our place to go, especially as vegan pizza is offered in a mediocre selection and presentation at ambitious prices just around the – well, a few – corners…

~ secondary issues of employment and habitation are still in need of being addressed. rather than expend any energy on these endeavors, we instead accompanied [k] from 1440dpi.com [w] to the most beautiful twin towers in lower manhattan, where we were free to discuss brilliant and moving issues, such as the regrettable misfortune that no one with the power has seen fit to build three or four more – pairs, of course – world trade centers in the immediate vicinity, before moving on to less crucial, but nonetheless justifiable concerns, such as which directors of the graduate program at sci-arc are most out of their league and which coordinator of the history and theory department is beating the deadest horse.

~ all this talk of ghosts in los angeles reawakened our homesickness, so, after a few minutes of looking away from a public act of fellatio on the metro, we arrived at a movie theater with the intent to assuage our nostalgia for the left coast with an intimate viewing of ‘crocodile dundee in los angeles’. this expedition ended in the dual disappointment of seeing no footage of the west side and the loss of $10 per admission. we were able to note, however, that the loew’s theater on 13th and broadway is no longer worthy of our support, as a 15-foot screen is not exactly what we expect in the second or third greatest city in the year ‘2001’ for – let’s be clear about this – $10 per admission.

~ the amounts of time and effort which sprint is spending to messages on our phones is becoming a little interesting. perhaps they have noticed that we have not responded to their literature since january, and they would like to ask if we are no longer interested in seeing paperwork from them. perhaps that is why they leave two messages a day for us. perhaps we will return the calls?

~ the discrepancy between the promise of the subheading ‘fine beverage’ and actual degree of enjoyment derived from a 28-cent can of ‘richfood birch beer’ is actually staggering.