oscar niemeyer at 101

15 December 2008 _ 22h03m23 EDT
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~ hail! and happy 101st birthday to oscar niemeyer!!!


oscar niemeyer at 100

15 December 2007 _ 11h14m55 EDT
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~ hail! and happy 100th birthday to oscar niemeyer!!!

oscar niemeyer

“i pick up my pen…a building appears.”

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philip johnson, eric owen moss

26 January 2005 _ 15h01m02 EDT
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~ rest in peace, philip johnson! you were a rich nazi hack who forced hideous skylines upon us, but at least you hooked up the guys who are responsible for the nearly modern world in which billions of us live.

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~ we now sink to writing more bullshit about new york; today we read that eric owen moss has been kicked off the queens museum project:

There will be no competition for Mr. Moss’s successor; an architect will be chosen by the museum and the city from a preapproved list of eight architects compiled by the Department of Design and Construction for projects of $5 million or more. They are Fox & Fowle Architects, a finalist the first time; Mr. Viñoly; Polshek Partnership Architects; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; Arquitectonica; 1100 Architects; the team of Ammann & Whitney and Grimshaw Architects; and Gluckman Mayner Architects. -nytimes

we admit that, except for the kodak building and maybe that stealth thing, moss’s work is foolish, but if the fucking “Department of Design and Construction” is going to pick between SOM and fox & fowle, why not just throw a dart at a catalog titled ‘substandard, pedestrian fare’. if you are so insistent upon keeping your city four decades behind the pacific rim you fucking fossils.


thanks for making it so clear to us why we reject you

19 September 2004 _ 21h36m11 EDT
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“…Many friends of architecture showed up simply for a weekend of schmoozing in style and swapping appraisals about how new the “new” really looked while downing cocktails and olives at Harry’s Bar or on the waterfront terraces of the outrageously luxurious Hotel Cipriani and Gritti Palace.

‘The biennale is a good predictor of the near future,’ said Terence Riley, the chief curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. …

This year, earnest talk of ‘fluid form’ and ‘structural solutions’ was ramped up by star sightings — Nicole Kidman! Scarlet Johansson! — since the opening overlapped with the Venice International Film Festival….”-nytimes.com

~ this intellectual decadence has recently been touched on at sisyphean.com; whilst the above absurdities serve as inspiration from some of the abstract text, the following pissy and petty invectives might not belong in the offices of the work.group. we post here, though, so you may see precisely the kind of shit we are up against. even this phrase is misleading; we don’t intend to be against this shit, we plan to step over it in disregard. we won’t fight you as you are dead to us.

also, mr riley, as the work.group was not represented at the biennale, you will soon find that it is a failure as a predictor of any future; you will learn this as we make it clear that a new century is underway, and that your merit-starved model is as much of a fossil as you are.

“…Almost every project in the show bears the look of buildings made newly possible by a sophisticated grasp of computer technology. ‘We’re all part of the post-digital age who were trained in predigital methods,’ said Lise Anne Couture of the New York firm of Asymptote, who, with her husband, Hani Rashid, designed the exhibition displays. ‘We’re on both sides of the coin, but we have learned how to use these new technologies firsthand, and we understand how to manipulate and use them at every stage in the process, from conception to construction.’…”-nytimes.com

now your hand is shown. you fail because you allow technique to engender theory; how would you fare 84 — or 216 or 500 — years ago? it appears that your goals and your work would be unrecognizable. your reliance on the alteration of technical methods to drive your practice displays the mental vacuum that resides in the brain of an automaton; like an ape, you beat whatever is before you into the same pulp that the previous ape beat. some of us live outside your prison; we hold our practice to a timeless ideal and we strive to achieve it by any means warranted, available, and necessary. the angry red planet and, by extension, work.group would always shatter the same parameters at the dawn of the perspective in italy or at the americans’ first split of the atom. you remain craftsmen whilst we serve as prophets.


pritzker prize

22 March 2004 _ 12h28m20 EDT
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~ find some new images in the u.s.a. scene report, particularly in new york and a couple of the new england states.

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the only thing remarkable about the pritzker prize this year is that the iraqi/woman angle provided it with enough media play to enable us to discover that the new republic has an architecture critic.


freedom tower

19 December 2003 _ 11h58m41 EDT
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~ what does the development of commercial space have to do with freedom? we propose that manhattan’s newest addition to the phallocracy be named ‘tower of compromise’, ‘kraven invertebrates’, or ‘weak’.


moore city, 2003

1 November 2003 _ 10h54m02 EDT
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~ when perusing our archives, we uncovered a document from 1985 which, ostensibly, represents a conceptualization of an urban scheme in the year 2003. the proposed date of the scene pictured is indicated by notations on the face of the media opposite the rendering, which also give the location as ‘moore city’. though there is no scale numerically keyed on the drawing, we can discern, from the proportions of the bridge and passageways, that the two towers in the center foreground are at least as tall as chicago’s sears tower. judging by the lack of vehicular infrastructure, we can assume that this scheme intended to serve as a model for a city in which the pedestrian has exclusive priority.

note: the year represented in the proposal will end two (2) months from now.


georgia tech world trade center forum

18 September 2001 _ 23h19m06 EDT
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~ open letter to georgia tech faculty and alumni:

September 19 World Trade Center forum in poor taste.

  As a Georgia Tech alumnus and a New Yorker, I feel compelled to express my feelings concerning your ‘forum on the World Trade Center’, to be held on September 19. While I agree that the Twin Towers are magnificent creations, definitely worthy of formal and structural celebration and study, I question the appropriateness of your timing. At this very moment, there remains the possibility that there are people still trapped in the rubble. There exists the uncertainty of loved ones as to the fate of their friends and family members who worked in or near the center. Dust still fills the eyes of every one of us who walk through the streets of New York, gaping at the holes in the sky, earth, and our city. While the towers’ power and legacy should not be forgotten or ignored in the wake of the tragedy on September 11, as their past images and studies may still provide us solace and learning, perhaps it is more suitable for a few moments of silence to be given before taking advantage of the developments concerning them. Otherwise, the forum may be seen as sensationalist and exploitive, rather than informative and respectful. I do agree that a forum on this masterpiece is warranted, but a move this quick seems to have the manipulative trappings of a daily talk show or scandal sheet, not the profound substance of academia.



mies, debian

9 September 2001 _ 14h12m09 EDT
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~ the angry red planet spent yesterday afternoon at the ‘mies, in effect’. though the man’s name was invoked a few times ny the moderators, few people on the panels seemed interested in talking about mies. the day moved slowly on to a couple of western europeans getting their asses handed to them by georgia tech [w] alumnus jeff kipnis.

~ we have turned our back on redhat [w], and have made the switch to debian [w]. not only has the installation and configuration been a completely successful operation, but we feel better to be using the fruits of a truly collaborative project – a project more in the spirit…


green party marches

23 July 2001 _ 14h15m26 EDT
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~ there is still time for american west coasters to make it to the green party marches in protest of the violent repression of anti-globalization demonstrations. links to california actions can be found on the san diego greens website [w]. architects may attend these rallies and still fawn over the uninvested work of ‘global’ heroes rk, hdm, and rnt.