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but ohioans aren’t bigots

6 March 2008 _ 13h10m28 EDT
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“Race played a significant factor in Ohio,” said Cuyahoga County Commissioner Timothy Hagan, who supported Obama. The state’s white voters aren’t “bigots, but the image they see every day of black America is drugs, crime, guns and violence.”

but they aren’t bigots!


fuck network solutions

10 January 2008 _ 20h59m42 EDT
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~ hfs! just last week we told someone to avoid using network solutions when registering a domain name, because we suspected that if you don’t purchase a name when you search for it, they will snatch it up. now look what is reported:

New domain name practice criticized

NEW YORK – A company that sells Internet domain names is facing criticisms for holding some in reserve as a consumer-protection measure, a move that also prevents interested parties from shopping around for better prices.

After weeks of testing, Network Solutions LLC began this week to grab names that people search for on its Web site but don’t immediately register.

go to article…

we knew it!


hillary, cafe tableaux, the work.group

10 January 2008 _ 10h55m46 EDT
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~ from the outbox:

also, it looks like i was dead wrong about hillary’s ‘crying’ being a fuck up

now, it is all anyone talks about – how it ‘saved’ her campaign by getting all these sympathetic women to vote for her.

this seems condescending to the ability of women to make rational decisions,
but wtf do i know about it?

although, a woman just called in to day-to-day [w] to admonish all men for calling hillary clinton ‘hillary’ while calling barack obama ‘obama’, as though using a first name puts someone in ‘her’ place. has anyone seen a campaign sign for ms. clinton? what name does she use?

maybe people say ‘hillary’ (like ‘w’ in ’00) so as not to be confused with the other clinton (like bush) we had 8 years previously, which is fucking stupid on an entirely new level.

~ corporate politics is lame; there are some more interesting discussions over at cafe tableaux and sisyphean


u.s. voters are tools

9 January 2008 _ 13h32m34 EDT
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~ what is wrong with people? or, how on earth are decisions made by nimrods? some 94% white guy on ‘here and now’ was just asked why he voted for clinton, and he responded, ‘i like her. [ pause ] health care.’ what does that even mean? what about health care? it is term that clinton has used. is that all this guy knows about it?

‘why did you vote for mitt romney?’
‘i like him. gays.’

‘why did you vote for dennis kucinich?’
‘i like him. tempeh.’


still! a bastard

7 September 2007 _ 15h20m34 EDT
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~ forecast! when that report by general petraeus that we have been waiting for all summer is released, it will say ‘some things in iraq have improved, and some things have not’.

a dot

~ forecast! steve fossett crashed his plane and is eluding rescuers, so that when he is ‘discovered’ after surviving in the desert for two weeks, he will look like more of a hardcore adventurer.

a dot

~ john mccain doesn’t discriminate, except when he does:

“McCain told sophomore William Sleaster he is opposed to any form of discrimination, but he supports the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy and he opposes same-sex marriage.”

didn’t we say earlier that john mccain is a bastard?


john mcain is still a bastard

2 August 2007 _ 13h37m33 EDT
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~ i still think that john mcain is a bastard, but journalists’ late efforts to make him look like a loser due to his broke and failing presidential campaign actually make him look like less of one (bastard):

“Now, the Arizona senator and Vietnam War hero travels without staff or with a single aide and rarely with national media crews. Last week, he arrived in Manchester, N.H., on a commercial flight. He carried his own bags through the airport and his top two aides in the state drove him to his hotel.”

wow! he carried his own bags! what a sap!


michael nutter, like mccain, is a jerk.

18 May 2007 _ 11h22m23 EDT
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~ baltimore quote: ‘if michael nutter didn’t want to be an asshole, instead of stopping and frisking citizens, he’d make it illegal to leave unsolicited pizza fliers on everyone’s door.’
to continue this trajectory: nutter, along with all the losers, should also be forced to personally walk through the city and pick up every one of these campaign signs that are littering public property such as clark park, telephone poles, and thoroughfare medians.


john mccain, jerk

21 April 2007 _ 07h40m20 EDT
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~ whilst the rest of the nation publickly mourns, so that images of their compassion might show up in yahoo! news’ most popular photos, why does the angry red planet demonstrate its own insensitivity with ‘crass’ manipulated images and anonymous posts to messageboards? one might note our affinity for satirical response to an obvious charade, but our attempts to puncture the u.s. facade of feigned sensitivity are eclipsed by this fossil from arizona:

In response to an audience question about military action against Iran, the Arizona senator [John McCain] briefly sang the chorus of the surf-rocker classic “Barbara Ann.”

“That old, eh, that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran,” he said in jest Wednesday, chuckling with the crowd. Then, he softly sang to the melody: “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, anyway, ah …” The audience responded with more laughter. –msnbc.com

Granted he is an out of touch coot who doesn’t know what condoms are, but the fact that audience ‘laughs’ at the notion of bombing some folks arbitrarily suggests, or proves, that secretly laughed when they heard that a man named Cho shot down some kids in some town of which they’ve never heard.


kramer, gibson, us airways, bigots

21 November 2006 _ 13h29m19 EDT
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~ after the first ten (10) times we watched michael richards shouting racist epithets, we wondered how his episode would compare to mel gibson’s. we were curious about how differently the anti-defamation league responded to gibson and whoever would respond to richards; also, depending on the public response, we should see which is more accetable – condemnatoin of jews or that of blacks.

of course, they can’t be compared. michael richards is a former actor who few people can distinguish from one of his roles (‘kramer’); one could say that his career was already ruined, not for calling people at the laugh factory ‘nigger’, but by being so successful at being kramer that he could never work as anything else. mel gibson, on the other hand is not only still rich and powerful, but he actually goes out of his way to make blockbuster films out of his anti-semitic beliefs (‘the passion..’). one is a previously innocuous, potential ‘has-been’; the other is an actively working bigot, working on bigotry.

both made public apologies, or at least videotaped an ‘apology’, and claimed that they had fixed things behind the scenes. although, why does michael richards have to apologize for being a racist in a comedy club, but a passenger on a plane in minneapolis does not have to apologize to the six people whose days and travels were ruined becuase he/she does not want to fly on a plane with muslims? a passenger sees muslims on a plane, then slips a note to the stewardess for them to be removed and questioned by police. is the adl or is kramer going to speak about that?

does a jackass like that talk about it when he sees his friends? ‘guess what doods, there were some islamo-passengers on my plane. they scare me, so i had them removed.

he probably does, proudly.


~ after keeping al-zarqawi in the headlines for a second day by telling us that he was still alive when iraqi, then american, forces arrived at the bombing site, on the third day the prurient interests do not let up, with the msnbc headline:

Skimpy women’s clothing found at al-Zarqawi site

as this is sure to get a rise out of any hot-blooded fan of the latest trophy killing, calling to mind how the details of the lives of uday and qusay hussein so titillated an american public, we fear that they are set up for disappointment when they skim the article for the sordid details and find only an unsexy description of a single “leopard-print nightgown”.