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green line cafe tableaux

15 November 2005 _ 16h23m57 EDT
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~ yes, we talk about green line cafe a lot:

regarding the avant garde:
mp: ‘avant is french for before’
sd: ‘can’t it also mean ‘against’, though?’

a dot

regarding the bush administration meme that democrats are ‘rewriting history’: we don’t think the democrats are claiming that they never voted for the war on iraq; we think they are complaining about the fact they voted for the war on iraq based on the incomplete, inaccurate, and fraudulent information that the bush administration provided? we think that is what bothers most people. we doubt that history would have been written the way it has, if senators had been able to understand – before the war – that the bush administration was lying…?

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regarding the upcoming supreme court case involving folks in guantanamo bay: we don’t think the distasteful idea is that the base is located in cuba or is named ‘gitmo’; we think that the idea which makes most people uncomfortable is that up to 500 folks have been incarcerated without being charged with a crime for up to 3 years? we think that is what bothers most people. moving them to be tortured by the c.i.a. in a different country likely won’t settle the issue…?


vegan green line

18 October 2005 _ 21h17m49 EDT
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~ here is an excuse to link to the green line review at cafe tableaux:

“we’re out of smilk”
“you’re going to have some angry vegans!”
“i’ll kill you…but i won’t eat you.”


university of pennsylvania drinks nasty coffee

9 October 2005 _ 13h30m10 EDT
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~ as cafe tableaux [w] continues to frame the cafe experience in a more polished, cultivated manner than that in which it has been discussed in the past, upenn reintroduces us to the base standards which are held by the typical coffee ‘fan’ with whom we share the streets:

“[Penn Current] bought ‘small’ cups of regular coffee from six local coffee shops, cafes, and other stores…”

  • starbucks
  • cosi
  • au bon pain
  • bucks county coffee
  • wawa
  • dunkin donuts


bush bloomberg terrorists

6 October 2005 _ 17h29m24 EDT
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~ by the way, the fact that bush informs us this morning that we need to occupy iraq because terrorists are scary and the fact that mayor bloomberg rolls out a few hours later and tells us that scary terrorists are threatening the nyc subway is an amazing coincidence!

~ speaking of rolling out, cafe tableaux is online!


secret christians in west philadelphia

6 October 2005 _ 16h29m05 EDT
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did they appear out of thin air? perhaps you had just ordered a coffee, and instead were presented with a cadre of bible thumpers in bad suits? were they beamed down from a spacecraft?

this is all very disturbing.

no! there is an unnerving trend in west philadelphia which involves the use nubile, sensually dressed young ladies who are dispatched to your neighboring table in the cafe and your front door at home. they pose as normal students, only upon close inspection does one realize that they are, in fact, actual christians; the text they are studying is the ‘holy bible’ and the syllabus before them is actually a list of ‘watchtower’ drop off points. you speak to these cafe spies at the risk of a lecture with the intent to convert.

on one occasion, however, we were able to observe a clearly collared priest proselytizing on the sidewalk; he was informing a boy in a foam hat and testament t-shirt of the harm in drinking beer from a coffee cup at 9am.


matisse, green line cafe

8 September 2005 _ 08h31m03 EDT
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~ gl quote:

sa: “more is better than less”
lh: “that’s not what matisse said”


tuscany, karl rove, bloomberg

6 July 2005 _ 14h31m53 EDT
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~ until that coffee review site by those sisyphean [w] guys is set up, we’ll just say here that the only male barista at tuscany is an uptight bastard – standing and holding the cap over you as you add soymilk to your coffee, then pouring it himself when you go back for refills. stand down, jackass; we will use all of your soymilk if we choose, then you can go buy more.

a dot

~ this past holiday, we saw a glimpse of information regarding the notion that karl rove was the source for the revelation of the identity of cia operative valerie plame. ‘surprisingly’, however, the headlines since that moment have been about a kidnapped little girl, unless you delve into newsweek [w] and countdown [w] and, of course, ted rall [w].

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~ “If they gave the award based on presentation, we would have won,” [nyc mayor] Bloomberg said.

too bad they give the award based on merit, substance, and bribery! those guys from the work.group should be heartened.


trader joe’s, kaffa crossing, cafe intermezzo

25 April 2005 _ 14h42m54 EDT
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~ to whomever sent us the link regarding tj’s opening in new york city; we congratulate and welcome you into the 21st century, but you might note that we have relocated to philadelphia.

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~ usa today has also joined the 21st century, or is reprinting headlines from 1977?

”Star Wars’ goes utterly commercial’

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~ kaffa quote: ‘i think a.d.d. is a sort of fake problem. i mean, all children need attention’

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~ imezzo quote: ‘…or that fucking douche bag – that fucking german girl or whatever the fuck…’