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foobar, amip, curl

12 November 2007 _ 19h16m46 EDT
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jfx! it was an ordeal to get these settings for amip configurator correct, but it is worth it we can save some time for our fellow foobar users by sharing them. drop this in your ‘callbacks/web’ box:

/exec:(E:\Program Files\curl\curl.exe) -T playlist.txt -u name:password ftp://site.address/currenttrack.txt

foobar 2000
amip, plugin for foobar


google talk, pat robertson is a lunatic

24 August 2005 _ 10h22m24 EDT
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~ google talk [w] looks nice, but provides no new features for the user, such as the ability to chat with members of various services simultaneously. it is just an instant messaging program for people who already have gmail accounts. use the miranda [w] client, instead.

~ we appreciate when people like pat robertson both call for the killing of elected leaders and call themselves christians because it makes it easy for us to keep track of who the lunatics are. speaking of lunatics, can someone explain our president’s phrase ‘democracy is unfolding’ and/or how it relates to our republican administration’s use of our military to establish an islamic state next to iran?

~ ‘our’ potluck series is becoming more disastrous at every stage; next week we foresee ourselves showing up to find that not even we are attending.


google prescience

23 August 2005 _ 16h04m58 EDT
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xxxxxxx xx xxx, 8/16/2005 5:24 PM : no, it says you’re viewing
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:24 PM : yahoo is frozen
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:24 PM : i just see pic of your paw
xxxxxxx xx xxx, 8/16/2005 5:25 PM : are you there?
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:25 PM : jx
xxxxxxx xx xxx, 8/16/2005 5:25 PM : what is it??
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:25 PM : f yahoo
xxxxxxx xx xxx, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : did you get my invite?
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : it is
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : fuck!!!
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : i hate this f program
xxxxxxx xx xxx, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : let’s not use it
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : it is frozen again
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : w/ 9 windows i can’t close
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:26 PM : htf do they get away w/ this
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:27 PM : aren’t they a big company?
xxxxxxx xx xxx, 8/16/2005 5:27 PM : i’m closing yahoo
terra cimmeria, 8/16/2005 5:27 PM : wtf doesn’t google have im?

12:17 p.m. ET Aug. 23, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO – Google Inc. is set to introduce its own instant messaging system, the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday, marking the expansion by the Web search leader into text and also voice communications.

Citing unnamed sources “familiar with the service,” the Los Angeles Times said that Google’s Instant Messaging program would be called Google Talk and could be launched as early as Wednesday. -reuters



11 August 2004 _ 18h00m21 EDT
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~ the aforementioned “quicknote” should have been identified as an “extension”, rather than a “plug-in”. we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience that this oversight has caused.


site maintenance

9 August 2004 _ 17h40m09 EDT
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~ someone out there is using our rss feeds to read the angry red planet, so we have added links to the feeds in the right column. we also switched from excerpts to full entries, mainly because it is our preference when viewing news sites to view the entire entry at once, rather than having to look in the browser halfway through the article. if you need an aggregator, we recommend feedreader [w]

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~ also find at the bottom of this window a link to a page containing the log archives, sorted by month; the drop down menu has become too long and unwieldy.

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~ if you are using firefox [w] , which you already should be, you should add the quick note plug-in [w] if you find yourself copying and pasting in to a text editor or your email client too often.


kerry salutes, cathy woolard, mozilla thunderbird

3 August 2004 _ 19h03m06 EDT
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~ john kerry needs to knock off that salute schtick right now. for one thing, it is against military protocol for any civilian – even the president – to salute active duty officers and enlisted men; this is not the primary reason he should cut it out of his campaign speeches, however. kerry seems to have gotten a big kick over how well that tacky ‘reporting for duty’ gimmick went over at the beginning of his nomination acceptance speech. since that time, we’ve seen numerous images of him repeating the move whenever he makes an appearance on his bus/train tour. the kerry talking points are that bush didn’t go to vietnam, and kerry volunteered to fight in vietnam; okay, that lesson has been learned by anyone who plans to vote this november. nevertheless, many of kerry’s ‘supporters’ are still sore over how the democratic party administration swindled the anti-war dean out of the nomination; also note the only other candidate who received delegate votes is the only other anti-war candidate, the honorable dennis kucinich. the new lesson is that the continued conjuring of militaristic imagery and sloganeering by the democratic candidate whose vague hints about his strategy for iraq suggest that his plan is indistinguishable from bush’s plan is a turn off for the idealistic supporters of the progressive former candidates whose tenuous loyalty to kerry is one of convenience, not affinity.

even the pedants at the angry red planet, recently troubled by the bedfellows whom ralph nader has chosen in his efforts to have his name on the ballots in certain states, from whom he has chosen to accept money, and who he has chosen to publish his latest book, hesitantly considered a concession that kerry is the last best hope for the united states. however, a bitter attack upon the angry red planet by fellow liberals and/or progressives over our announcement that we believe that dekalb county/metro atlanta would better be served by cathy woolard than by cynthia mckinney brought us to reevaluate the value of doctrine and our place within its confines; the result of this examination has been a new lease on the life of our nader votes. as far as john kerry goes, though, he still looks like a jackass to everyone who isn’t gung ho about the fiasco in iraq or in vietnam every time he salutes other civilians.

a dot

~ after five good years of eudora [w], we have made the switch to thunderbird [w]. we’ve only had it open for a day, and though it seems slow in sending mail – this perception is probably due to the progress window that pops up instead of running the background – thunderbird’s handling of multiple email accounts and identities is far superior to eudora’s abilities, which is why we made the switch in the first place. even so, we would like to see all the email accounts place the incoming mail in the same inbox whilst still using imap.


don’t fire rumsfeld

8 May 2004 _ 13h19m47 EDT
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~ while we can appreciate the feelings of rumsfeld’s hecklers and others who call for his resignation/firing, we don’t see who would be served by this course of action. if he was fired, it would look like the administration was ‘doing something’ in response to the human rights violations that are occurring under its command; if we want opinion to continue to turn against the bush administration, it would be best if he continues to do nothing about this debacle. besides, if rumsfeld is ousted, it isn’t like the new secretary of defense would be an amazing bleeding heart; chances are absolute that the next guy/girl also would be despicable. maybe a chant of ‘castrate rumsfeld’ would serve better.

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~ we have used eudora for five (5) years; should we switch to thunderbird?


americans torture, usmc, bblean

7 May 2004 _ 13h54m08 EDT
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~ also, we have to disagree with g.w.bush, j.lieberman, and d.rumsfeld that the sadistic behaviour of soldiers like l.england does not reflect the true nature of americans. from where did these morons arise? in what environment were they reared? the answer is america, the same one that produces a mother who beats to death her children on god’s command or ‘powder puff’ football girls who deliver concussions to their classmates. fishing on craigslist will inform one that america’s core values are sadism and brutality; perhaps we can be thankful that we follow a social contract that, by and large, keeps this localized brutality in check, but let us not pat ourselves on the back just because we can point to pictures of some fool and declare that we are heroes only when compared to villains.

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according to the policy detailed yesterday, we have scraped the ‘United States Marine Corps’ sticker from the rear window of our company truck.

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we have been enjoying bblean [w]. Back during version .41, we tried bb4win [w], but at the time our enthusiasm was not great. almost two years makes a big difference.


fahrenheit 911, bittorrent, spam

5 May 2004 _ 14h25m44 EDT
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~ we have no problems with the fact that disney is refusing allow its miramax stepchild to distribute michael moore’s [w] new film, ‘fahrenheit 911’, as it will relieve us, when we do see it, from paying any money into disney’s coffers. if the film was distributed by disney, we would have to find some avenue for viewing it for free; that road would likely lead down bittorrent [w] and arrive with a letter in our mailbox [w], and you can be sure as shit that we would never take that route.

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~ due to excessive spam, we have recently blackholed any email not sent to a specific angryredplanet.org address. if you have been sending mail to an old address or something you made up, like ‘proust@angry…’, your mail has been getting trashed without anyone looking at it. if you have sent a missive and have been futilely awaiting a response, you can use our contact form, instant messaging, or an address that you have gotten directly from us within the past two weeks; otherwise, it will disappear unseen into /dev/null.


the work.group

15 February 2004 _ 11h28m53 EDT
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~ those interested in our most recent work should take a look at the latest addition to the work.group project.

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we would like a new server; anyone with extra hardware that they would like to donate should get in touch.