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catwoman 0

12 September 2012 _ 11h00m06 EDT
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~ we normally don’t post about dc comics here, but today they have done something worthy of ridicule, so we can’t resist. guillem march’s original cover of ‘catwoman 0’ was rightly maligned across the internet, and dc tried to respond by changing the cover. unfortunately, for them anyway, the new one is just as unreal.

while it is admirable(?)that they gave catwoman an ass reduction and re-attached her breasts to her body, we still believe that you can not bend your spine backwards 90 degrees. her left leg looks to be about three times as long as her torso, the right leg is about the length of the left leg’s shin. her left hand is grossly enlarged, so perhaps march is employing a thing called ‘foreshortening’. to his credit, after all, it could be possible for a human body to be so contorted if we are looking at her from 2000 yards away, through both wide-angle and telephoto lenses simultaneously, a ‘technique’ we used to employ on our interior models, back when we were still ‘doing architecture’.

Catwoman 0 cover

ps. the new dc logo sucks!


we heard donald rumsfeld is still an asshole

23 February 2011 _ 10h33m20 EDT
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rumsfeld known and unknown

we assume that the directive here was to design a book jacket that is as awful as the possibly reptilian ‘man’ shown in the photo.


the open road looks lame

16 November 2009 _ 11h38m12 EDT
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~ The Open Road film poster

we are not even sure this is a real movie poster. can you make posters with microsoft word? regardless, from what we can glean from the image, this movie, which has two guys who are not friends at the beginning of the film but after some hijinks become great buddies, has already been made numerous times.

also, this movie ‘stars’ jeff bridges and justin timblerlake.


tyler perry is a hack.

21 July 2009 _ 22h08m59 EDT
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straw dogs.



gooby looks terrible

9 April 2009 _ 11h22m04 EDT
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~ Gooby

again, we can’t bitch about the lack of narrative information in this film poster, as this banal specimen adequately represents how boring and subversively creepy the movie must be. we mainly wanted to direct your attention to the awful production quality of the trailer; this piece looks so crummy and vacuous, one would almost feel sorry for the kids whose sappy parents make them sit through it, if one was not consumed with frustrated rage:

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‘where the wild things are’

19 March 2009 _ 13h47m01 EDT
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~ "where the wild things" are poster

again, we can’t complain about a star’s name plastered over their face, but we think we can dispense with the title of the movie on this one. the image alone makes the narrative very clear.


‘one week’ poster is lame

10 March 2009 _ 20h33m59 EDT
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~ One Week

we can’t make our ‘trademark’ movie poster complaint about this, because we don’t know, nor do we expect that anyone else knows, who ‘joshua jackson’ is. plus, there is a motorcycle, which hints at a plot device. nevertheless, we are confident that this movie sucks.