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down and out in paris and london

14 February 2007 _ 11h16m24 EDT
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~ unlike some workers, we are not embarrassed to show our personal images; have a look at our late visit to london and paris.



5 April 2000 _ 04h20m19 EDT
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~ star sighting: weeks ago, i was driving through koreantown with an out-of-town-guest, trying to turn left onto pico, and waiting for the traffic to clear. a pink corvette comes across the street, forcing me to wait longer; before it passes, i get a look at the bumper, upon which is emblazoned the name ‘angelyne’.
   me: look! look! it’s angelyne!
   guest: what?
   me: and she’s in the freaking corvette!
   guest: (repeatedly) who is angelyne?
   me: actually, i don’t really know…she’s on billboards everywhere, so she’s famous, but she’s only famous for being on billboards…
   finally, was able to steal from one of my students, a picture.

~ mailbox: two very thick copies of ‘driver side airbag’ [w], the eclectic compilation zine by los angeleno m. halchin.