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choking warning

22 February 2010 _ 12h24m34 EDT
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After hot dog death, choking warning urged

CHICAGO – When 4-year-old Eric Stavros Adler choked to death on a piece of hot dog, his anguished mother never dreamed that the popular kids’ food could be so dangerous.

Some food makers including Oscar Mayer have warning labels about choking, but not nearly enough, says Joan Stavros Adler, Eric’s mom.

it’s hard enough trying to explain to a swede why the united states is in our top three (3) favourite countries, but the notion that we need warning labels to tell us that putting objects in our mouths carries the risk of choking or that we need help with the activity eating makes this country seem so incontrovertibly stupid, we will never win the argument.

Her son had eaten hot dogs before without any problem.

Hot dogs are “almost as American as apple pie,” she said. “You really don’t know how horrible it can be.”

agreed, we’ve surely never head heard anything horrible about hot dogs!



25 November 2009 _ 09h59m10 EDT
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Sanford: ‘What happened, happened’

that’s true.
one could also say ‘what didn’t happen didn’t happen’ or ‘what might happen might happen’ or ‘something has happened’.


‘where the wild things are’

19 March 2009 _ 13h47m01 EDT
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~ "where the wild things" are poster

again, we can’t complain about a star’s name plastered over their face, but we think we can dispense with the title of the movie on this one. the image alone makes the narrative very clear.


‘one week’ poster is lame

10 March 2009 _ 20h33m59 EDT
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~ One Week

we can’t make our ‘trademark’ movie poster complaint about this, because we don’t know, nor do we expect that anyone else knows, who ‘joshua jackson’ is. plus, there is a motorcycle, which hints at a plot device. nevertheless, we are confident that this movie sucks.


bill clinton will take your job

3 December 2008 _ 15h33m11 EDT
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“Bill Clinton open to role in Obama administration – Politico”

wow! that is actually a big surprise. bill clinton will accept a political offer. we sympathize with the torment clinton must have undergone before he decided: ‘yes, ok, i guess i’ll take a free job, since i’m not allowed to take free money from foreigners for the next four years.’
if anyone at politico wants to give us a call, we have a list of roles – amongst other things – to which we would be open, also. all you have to do is ask.