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fly by night detailing 05

18 October 2012 _ 10h48m13 EDT
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~ fly by night detailing 8715


adieu, mon plongeur

15 February 2007 _ 15h39m06 EDT
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~ special thanks to l’homme moderne [w] for shipping our rhodia blocs and our cafetiere and coffee tumbler. we have always held the cafetiere in contempt, perhaps because they look too cheap to produce decent coffee. however, upon discovering no coffee machine of any type at chez vidal, we needed to provide our own and made sure to find the cheapest item in barbes, for sure, but this machine proved surprisingly fun and simple to use—certainly simpler than the french press. we’ve run a dozen cups through it in the past 2 days; who would have figured that we would turn on our beloved french press?

the cafetiere could not have arrived too soon, as we just learned this week that coffee produced with the french press is extremely high in ‘cafestol’; we do not know what the fuck that is, but we’ve been assured that it is ‘bad’ for human health.

we feel dirty using the cafetiere; it seems fit only to serve after spending the night amongst apple cores and rotten madelines on the tile floor in a dark tenement behind gare du nord – filled with chain store robusta, heated on a hot plate, and served in a chipped plastic bowl.

maybe we should just invest in a smaller french press, so we aren’t brewing 2 liters at a time, which is the main problem when drinking alone.


down and out in paris and london

14 February 2007 _ 11h16m24 EDT
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~ unlike some workers, we are not embarrassed to show our personal images; have a look at our late visit to london and paris.


bjorg and maoz

15 January 2003 _ 16h31m47 EDT
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~ while our thoughts are on from the ground, please find on their projects page [w]
a new portfolio of postcards from paris, so that you may see who was spending their time in france working while the rest of us were fattening ourselves on bjorg and maoz.


detroit metropolitan airport

6 January 2003 _ 07h38m09 EDT
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~ our holidays were extended a few days past new year’s day; we spent the extra time on the new jersey turnpike, in corporate movie theaters, and watching paramedics haul away our neighbor’s body. it was not only for us that the first week of the new year was filled with excitement, if one can judge from the stains of vomit on the sidewalk and the four civilians killed by the nypd.


~ concerning our work-trip to clichy and neighboring paris: not surprisingly, we cooked up few physical artifacts to present as evidence for the formidable amount of work we accomplished. apart from two (2) pages of ‘notes’, compiled in the jardin du luxembourg, and a fifteen (15) entry ‘outline’, drafted in wayne county’s detroit metropolitan airport, there is little to differentiate this trip from that which many would call a ‘vacation’.


~ we suspect that the new image series, “g.i.joe frontline”, is either for children or is just childish.


self-appointed flaneurs

14 December 2002 _ 14h20m19 EDT
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~ the angry red planet is closing up for the rest of the year while the bosses are serving as self-appointed flaneurs throughout paris, france, and environs. we depart upon the completion of our final preparations.

. dictionary.com’s word of the day service

. punk-list

. 7 4″x3″ cards (per request of from the ground)
. 6″ scale
. 6h lead
. charcoal
. x-acto without blades


. ‘historie du treize’ – honore de balzac
. ‘american sphinx’ – joseph ellis
. ‘uses of literature’ – italo calvino

enjoy your holidays, kind readers, and we will see you safe here next year.