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r.i.p. Stan Lee

12 November 2018 _ 20h06m51 EDT
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~ r.i.p.

The Best of Spider-Man

The Best of Spider-Man


r.i.p. oscar niemeyer

6 December 2012 _ 10h17m02 EDT
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~ hail and farewell!

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1 August 2012 _ 06h53m09 EDT
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r.i.p.  gore vidal


r.i.p. moebius

10 March 2012 _ 13h44m35 EDT
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~ r.i.p.

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r.i.p. george yu

15 March 2010 _ 18h09m32 EDT
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r.i.p. 2005-2010



31 August 2009 _ 11h36m19 EDT
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~ we always thought the day clint eastwood died was the worst of our lives, but…

The Walt Disney Company has agreed to purchase Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and its portfolio of 5,0000 characters in a stock and cash transaction worth $4 Billion. –cbr


are trader joe’s joe’s o’s vegan?

20 May 2009 _ 09h24m23 EDT
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~ this unhappy news might be interesting to our vegan friends. trader joe’s joe’s o’s cereal is not vegan.

there is more than one origin for the vitamin d that is frequently added to humans’ processed foods. vitamin d2 is vegan, as it is derived from fungal growth or yeast; on the other hand, vitamin d3 , (sometimes listed in ingredients as cholecalciferol) is derived from lanolin through washing sheep’s wool. both of the ideas are crazy; what mad scientist was able to convince people that processed breakfast cereal would be improved by rinsing it with wool? in any event, d2 often is in soymilk brands like silk and organic valley, while d3 is added to fortified breakfast cereals such as cheerios, all-bran, grape-nuts, cascadian farm’s organic purely o’s, and especially—to the point of this post—trader joe’s joe’s o’s:

Hi Kim,

Our Trader Joe’s Joe’s O’s are not Vegan due to the Vitamin D being derived from sheep.

Thank you,

Nicki K.
Customer Relations
Trader Joe’s

—–Original Message—–
To: Web Customer Relations
Subject: Trader Joe’s Product Information Form

Name: Kim Matott
Product Name: Joe’s O’s cereal

Comments: Hello, I am trying to determine whether there are any animal
ingredients in your Joe’s O’s cereal product. Many cereals have a
Vitamin D (D3) that is derived from sheep. Can you tell me the source
of your Vitamin D? Thank you!


r.i.p. mike wieringo

22 August 2007 _ 12h04m58 EDT
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~ r.i.p. mike wieringo

wieringo is the nicest guy we ever have ‘met’ at a convention. whereas many comic idols are rockstars about their work, charging cash for sketches or refusing to sign books outside of specified ‘autograph hours’, we came across wieringo sitting alone at a table at dragon*con, politely sketching anything requested – the flash, robin, wonder woman – by an enormous line of fanboys. for us, he sketched out a spider-man mugshot, natch.

(no, this is not the sketch; this is from the cover to ‘sensational’ #10)


r.i.p. kurt vonnegut

11 April 2007 _ 23h10m32 EDT
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~ r.i.p. kurt vonnegut

“Tiger got to hunt,
Bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder, ‘Why, why, why?’

Tiger got to sleep,
Bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand”

-Bokonon, Cat’s Cradle

so it goes.


r.i.p. hp315

7 June 2006 _ 10h57m30 EDT
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‘rip: 12.2000-6.2006’
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