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israel on mars

15 December 2001 _ 17h30m13 EDT
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~ whoever has been knocking on the office door all day should know that it is not going to be opened.

~ we retooled and updated the ‘usa’ scene report.

~ our middle east peace plan:
1) deposit all israelis and palestinians on mars, and tell them to build a colony or die.
2) see how long they bicker and murder over each other’s crap.


sci-arc casts new director

24 October 2001 _ 21h09m13 EDT
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~ from the angry red planet inbox:

“Following is a list of names that sci-arc students have submitted as nominations
for Director……..

Steven Holl = [explicit]

Sheila Kennedy = bad work
Robert + Mary Ann = are they serious???,,, two insane directors?
Coy Howard = run the school yourself you whiiiiners
TERRY SURJAN = i thought he hated sciarc?
Daniel Liebeskind = word! but i doubt it
Samuel Mockbee = well we didnt pikk him last time,, lets give it a shot
Shigeru Ban = who?
Evan Douglas = who?
Karoline Schmitt-Bauer = are they kidding?
Anderson brothers = rednex
Will Alsop = who?
Chris Genik = dear god no!!!
Herzog and De Meuron = yeah right
Wolf Prix = drunk
Richard Rogers = hahaha
Rem Koolhaas = give me a break
Stan Allen � have already declined interest
Liz Diller � have already declined interest

this sounds like a list that a freshman would cook up because they
think their program is bad ass enough to warrant some bigshot director

i’m glad i was there when kulper was director



garlic salsa, galactus

1 March 2001 _ 22h30m28 EDT
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~ okay! after losing the network at the angry red offices for two days, we seem to have access; past experience has assured us that this condition is temporary. other studio conditions: a jar of roasted garlic salsa has gone missing from my desk; i replaced it with a space heater that someone had abandoned under her masonite site model…

~ along with a disparaging postcard or two, my p.o.box has recently brought me ‘spaghetti dinner and dancing’ number fourteen, whose literary quality rivals that of the angry red publications. find randy spaghetti’s address in the zine contacts…

~ surely, earth x is going to be extended for 13 issues. they can not leave unresolved a cliffhanger in which freaking galactus appears to defend the blue planet against the freaking celestials. of all the late 90’s revisionist/alternate universe/painterly(though sometimes just the covers) miniseries that the big 2 have coerced me into buying, this is the only series that was somewhat intriguing, which i attribute to the treatment of the lost heroes with some dignity, instead of ridiculing them for their ultimate humanity. otherwise, all have been guilty excursions into iconoclasm, most lately evidenced in the ludicrous punisher kills the marvel universe. regardless, the freaking celestials would hand galactus his ass on a freaking platter; i want to see how he pulls this one out of it…



27 January 2001 _ 19h00m13 EDT
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~ m.arch.


subordinate fucks

17 January 2001 _ 10h06m35 EDT
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~ even more depressing and enraging than the possibility of church+state john ashcroft becoming u.s. attorney general, are the statistics on the ‘death row roll call’ at the nation [w]. when, of the 688 to-date executions in the u.s. occurring since the 1976 reinstatement, 240 have been in one state – texas – something is royally (?) fucked up. make the ‘roll call’ site a weekly visit, and click the names to drop a message to the respective state governors demanding that the executions are stayed – or abolished, as in first world nations.


~ quasi thesis quote: ‘only subordinate fucks shave before thesis presentation.’


law of diminishing returns

10 January 2001 _ 11h30m10 EDT
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~ a rainy day and night in los angeles revitalizes the senses, enabling the first productive work session in weeks. after 14 hours of working, about 5 hours of work has been produced; truly, a new plateau of efficiency has been reached.


~ thesis quote: ‘i shouldn’t even bother putting together a presentation’

~ thesis quote: ‘i’ve got the teeth of an eight-year-old.’

~ thesis quote: ‘vladimir is officially a prick.’


14:40, in bay 4

16 December 2000 _ 10h47m13 EDT
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~ final thesis reviews are today; these quotes come from through the night and this morning. they reek of desperate and frustrated individuals; though not all are thesis students, you can decide who has the biggest ‘problems’ in life. the angry red planet presentation is at 14:40, in bay 4.


~ thesis quote: ‘i seriously need to stay here and work’


~ thesis quote: ‘fuck it all, fuck all this shit to fucking hell’


~ thesis quote: ‘i got out of vietnam in ’69, and i’ve been collecting these cans and bottle since.’


thesis presentation

11 December 2000 _ 17h45m22 EDT
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~ only four working days – or 96 hours – remain until the final thesis reviews. since no one seems to have informed him about the midreviews, if anyone who sees michael speaks should tell him that they begin at 09:30 in the space above the shop. he can find a map on the side of the thesis trailer; tell him to ask chris seals which are the thesis trailers.


~ thesis quote: ‘i don’t see why i should even bother putting together a presentation.’


f, truck food

10 December 2000 _ 21h42m34 EDT
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~ see the handiwork of the angry red planet at the sci-arc online student journal, f* [w].


~ thesis quote: ‘i like the food from the truck, but i just can’t keep that stuff down.’


vacation, all i ever wanted

3 December 2000 _ 15h01m00 EDT
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~ two weeks without you:
yesterday’s surprise thesis review went remarkably well for the angry red planet – ‘remarkable’ considering the thesis and the angry red planet are not doing so well at all…


~ and still haven’t gotten over you yet:

took a trip to the last place she that and i went – when it was the last time she and i would see each other … looked with resign the same tools and information about which no one i know cares anything … listened to a man tell two women that scientists haven’t found life on saturn because they have not looked on the rings … sat on the stones where i told her all that was going to happen in my future … heard a woman tell her friend to take pictures someplace else because she would otherwise disturb my following the sunset…