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your favorite search terms 2012

1 January 2013 _ 13h14m23 EDT
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~ what did you enjoy trying to find on the angry red planet in 2012? ‘muslim’ appeared in some form of search most frequently; the phrases used are in descending order, along with some of our favorites highlighted:

oscar niemeyer – 14.5 %
nude muslim men – 5.7 %
naked muslim men – 5.4 %
niemeyer – 1.8 %
muslim men naked – 1.6 %
muslim nude men – 1.5 %
muslim men nude – 1.2 %
nude muslim man – 1.1 %
muslim naked men – 1 %
angryredplanet.org – 1 %

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latest search terms

4 May 2009 _ 17h13m52 EDT
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4 May 2009 16:49:31 january
4 May 2009 16:38:39 JOHN BOBBITT NUDE
4 May 2009 16:10:30 nude muslim men
4 May 2009 15:49:15 muslims porno
4 May 2009 14:44:36 fuck epson
4 May 2009 14:34:56 john bobbitt nude
4 May 2009 13:40:14 november
4 May 2009 13:40:00 nude muslim
4 May 2009 13:32:55 april
4 May 2009 13:23:48 december
4 May 2009 12:43:54 “Bike Septa”
4 May 2009 12:21:38 horny men muslim
4 May 2009 12:19:49 nude on planet
4 May 2009 10:55:33 fuck starbucks
4 May 2009 10:21:40 starbucks fuck
4 May 2009 10:20:10 envoy properties
4 May 2009 09:44:31 men porno
4 May 2009 08:24:13 february
4 May 2009 07:25:18 nude men
4 May 2009 06:58:59 men.porno


snipers, pirates, suckers

13 April 2009 _ 16h44m20 EDT
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~ ha! finally the losers searching for nude muslim men have been overrun by those suckers who came here looking for pirate snipers. we reckon that most internet browsers want to see photos of snipers shooting at pirate ships, but we imagine that muslim men’s naked bodies look a lot like xians’ and jews’. anyway, we hope you all find what you need!


earth hour

28 March 2009 _ 16h18m37 EDT
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~ today we are using this hideous layout because our usual theme, proust, seems to be incompatible with the earth hour countdown bar thing at the top of this page. unplug your vampyre applyances and lift a candle in honour of our missing background-image tonight.


back up your site’s theme’s templates

22 February 2009 _ 21h56m07 EDT
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~ back up your site’s theme’s templates.


all your dns are belong to hamas

30 December 2008 _ 11h28m53 EDT
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~ apparently the dns servers of our host were hacked by the p.l.o. or someone; therefore, since late sunday night, various sites from the angryredplanet-sisyphean family have been randomly unavailable. the sites are still there, but depending on their isp, a random visitors are unable to view them. amazingly, we haven’t received a single email complaint; which suggests that insidethecastle.org [w] was unaffected.


history of america

26 December 2008 _ 14h18m26 EDT
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~ ok, rather than a big gift left hiding under a tree, as promised yesterday, this is more like a gift that you pick up when you visit your aunt after the holidays – or a gift that someone swears he ordered but claims the jerks at tiger direct didn’t ship it on time. anyway, your friends at the angry red planet now offer the complete (thus far) set of ‘history of america‘ postcards. some of these may have been posted on sisyphean [w] already; we don’t remember and haven’t searched, yet. regardless, this is the first time that they have all been online together – even the fucking terrible ones like proposal 08 or 18. enjoy this collection in 2009.


happy holidays

25 December 2008 _ 10h07m56 EDT
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~ your xmas gift from your friends at the angry red planet this year is a trimmed menu on the side of this window. gone are the dead end links to the ‘folio’ that was never maintained, and, considering that we haven’t been to atlanta in 4 years, we took away the ‘atlanta scene report’, which was just a glorified photo gallery, and put the images in a banal photo gallery. without the tedium of entering every ‘report’ into its own custom page, we might be able to add some interesting scenes into said banal gallery more often in the future. consider this a stocking stuffer; check back under the tree tonight!


css naked day 08

9 April 2008 _ 07h17m18 EDT
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the style of our page is missing today in honour of ‘css naked day’ [w], which is a corny name for a fun idea: the promotion of web standards. there are multiple atrophied areas of this site that will keep their css for the day, but no one ever looks at them anyway.


foobar, amip, curl

12 November 2007 _ 19h16m46 EDT
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jfx! it was an ordeal to get these settings for amip configurator correct, but it is worth it we can save some time for our fellow foobar users by sharing them. drop this in your ‘callbacks/web’ box:

/exec:(E:\Program Files\curl\curl.exe) -T playlist.txt -u name:password ftp://site.address/currenttrack.txt

foobar 2000
amip, plugin for foobar