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albert swearengen shits on lucas’s neckbeard

6 July 2009 _ 22h05m10 EDT
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~ probably the coolest idea you’ll hear all week:

He has described the show as “Deadwood meets The Sopranos in space”

becomes the most ridiculous when you learn that the ‘he’ is george lucas, the guy who put prairie dog reaction shots in an indiana jones movie, and that ‘the show’ is a ‘star wars’ (the space opera films with fart jokes and an 8 year old darth vader yelling ‘yippee!’) television series. you have to wonder if the guy has hbo delivering some expurgated versions of their series to his ranch; are we really expected to believe that the same guy who edited out han’s murder of greedo and crafted such dialog as ‘you-sa in big doo-doo dis time!’ is truly inspired by beheadings, the use of ‘cunt’ in polite conversation, eye gougings, prostitutes, and anything that comes out of al swearengen’s mouth? we don’t have to know what ‘the jonas brothers’ are to guess that lucas’s show will have more in common with them than with trixie the whore.


nasa messenger

17 January 2008 _ 17h15m10 EDT
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~ where are these photos of mercury we were promised?!