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18 January 2004 _ 10h58m29 EDT
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~ some images have been added to the louisiana section of the u.s.a. scene report. furthermore, the map has been made ‘clickable’, in order to help those who do not understand the iso abbreviations.



12 January 2004 _ 15h38m33 EDT
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~ there have been some updates to the u.s.a. scene report, namely to the states in dixie.

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if you take a dog to the park, consider your behavior when you arrive; you should find that there is a good chance that you are being a complete asshole. if you have not noticed this to be the case, it is because you are ignorant, as well.

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the permalinks for the most recent entries have been reactivated; they are indicated by this icon: permalink

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any person wishing to receive email notifications of updates to this site should contact the angry red planet and send his/her address.


shenandoah valley

5 December 2003 _ 13h57m00 EDT
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~ it is difficult to take a picture that is a fair representation of the shenandoah valley, but you may still find a couple of updates to the u.s.a. scene report.

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~ georgia pacific center quote:
‘i wish my wife would let me have a fire in the fireplace’


jhumpa lahiri, jacques barzun, dave eggers

3 December 2003 _ 00h52m39 EDT
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~ whilst taking a holiday in brooklyn and environs last week, we acquired the following for our library:
understanding thomas jefferson – e.m. halliday
interpreter of maladies – jhumpa lahiri
from dawn to decadence – jacques barzun
collected stories – thomas mann
a heartbreaking work of staggering genius – dave eggers

we still seek the 1979 signet classic edition of ‘nineteen nineteen’; contact us if you are willing to supply a copy of this text.


woodbury university, i-10, 1-95, i-78

1 December 2003 _ 15h28m08 EDT
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~ recent work: you have seen the test pressing of the the 2003-2004 lecture series poster for woodbury university; now enjoy a look at the final print, currently plastered upon the doors and bulletin boards of universities, offices, and other institutions of cultural merit near you.

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~ edward rendell, take note: i-78 between harrisburg and allentown is hereby added to our list of worst drives in the united states, along with i-10 from redlands to los angeles and i-95 through connecticut.


detroit metropolitan airport

6 January 2003 _ 07h38m09 EDT
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~ our holidays were extended a few days past new year’s day; we spent the extra time on the new jersey turnpike, in corporate movie theaters, and watching paramedics haul away our neighbor’s body. it was not only for us that the first week of the new year was filled with excitement, if one can judge from the stains of vomit on the sidewalk and the four civilians killed by the nypd.


~ concerning our work-trip to clichy and neighboring paris: not surprisingly, we cooked up few physical artifacts to present as evidence for the formidable amount of work we accomplished. apart from two (2) pages of ‘notes’, compiled in the jardin du luxembourg, and a fifteen (15) entry ‘outline’, drafted in wayne county’s detroit metropolitan airport, there is little to differentiate this trip from that which many would call a ‘vacation’.


~ we suspect that the new image series, “g.i.joe frontline”, is either for children or is just childish.


self-appointed flaneurs

14 December 2002 _ 14h20m19 EDT
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~ the angry red planet is closing up for the rest of the year while the bosses are serving as self-appointed flaneurs throughout paris, france, and environs. we depart upon the completion of our final preparations.

. dictionary.com’s word of the day service

. punk-list

. 7 4″x3″ cards (per request of from the ground)
. 6″ scale
. 6h lead
. charcoal
. x-acto without blades


. ‘historie du treize’ – honore de balzac
. ‘american sphinx’ – joseph ellis
. ‘uses of literature’ – italo calvino

enjoy your holidays, kind readers, and we will see you safe here next year.


walking in l.a.

4 July 2001 _ 23h30m12 EDT
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~ our holiday weekend in los angeles has ended in a healthy, though certainly temporary, reconstruction of our broken hearts; pico: hiked; orwell: read, tj’s: stockpiled, mani’s: consumed, toi: consumed, cb&tl: consumed, black russians: consumed, evicted roommate: spotted. all that remains is to destroy the memories of a flight full of wailing infants, a blistering santa monica sunburn, and the wasting of three bucks on ‘the mummy returns’; the superstation premiere of sam raimi’s ‘darkman’ will do the job.


los angeles itinerary

29 June 2001 _ 19h17m35 EDT
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~ hot damn, a welcome break from feeling as though an army ants are covering our faces has arrived; tonight, we are flying to los angeles for the weekend. these items have made the agenda: mani’s, rfd, pico blvd, cbtl, the 10, tj’s, toi (sunset), topanga, and macarthur park.


cross country road trip

26 May 2001 _ 13h24m34 EDT
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~ the news has not been updated in a while due to our state of transience, both across the nation – twice – and across the city – infinitely. tomorrow, after two weeks of delays and excuses, we should recieve the keys to our new upper west side offices. after this, the news will flow in the usual sluggish nature in which it occurs. in the meantime, check out the media with which we have been sedating ourselves.