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louis kahn, hash browns

15 February 2000 _ 02h22m59 EDT
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~ i spent a few hours in la jolla last month; recently there has appeared on my desk a picture from that trip. just as recently, mr. rotondi gave a little speech about what it is to approach the institute; when a classmate saw the picture, she launched into ridicule about me following his lead by searching out a picture that – if it could inspire him – would surely inspire me. i explained the situation about the trip, and, more importantly, i informed her that i am anything but inspired by the institute. it only makes me feel inadequate and hopeless; it is a reminder that i can never reach such an achievement. she screwed up her face and mocked, ‘that makes you feel inadequate?’ i guess she didn’t look closely enough.

~ since focusing and structuring my dietary habits, i have forfeited the privilege that most take for granted: the ability to consume whatever is conveniently in front of them, without forethought or concern. as the 24-hour studio situation, however, almost demands this type of freedom, i managed to find an item which i believe to be the worst a food can be while still fitting my ethical requirements.

~ finally, the sun