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the late the work.group exhibition

20 April 2005 _ 16h20m23 EDT
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Greetings mesdames and messieurs, twinks and taurs,

The first book, ‘marquis’, of the work.group epic _ex_nihilo_ has been closed. For those who were unable or unwilling to attend the show at the Museum of Design Atlanta in person, the work.group has put together a virtual romp where the text and vignettes follow the same temporal order as the work in the the MODA installation.

The virtual show may be found at:
In addition, the work.group has compiled and made public a series of digital images of the installation process, the work in situ, and the fête d’ouverture.

These images may be found at:

Enjoy, furries


wordpress 1.5

17 February 2005 _ 21h37m34 EDT
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~ wordpress 1.5 [w] is available! this marquis bullshit can’t be over soon enough for yet another reason. two weeks until we are feasting on biscuits in ferriday and tater tots in cheyenne.

a dot

~ googlebomb: social security



7 February 2005 _ 23h42m04 EDT
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although no new writing or work has appeared in over one month on this site it does not reflect a lull in physical or virtual production. the umbrella collaborative the work.group has been given the opportunity to present its work in exhibition form at the atlanta museum of design [w] as an emerging voice in the ‘atlanta architecture scene’. the exhibition opens on march 3rd. there are plenty of cultural artifacts to be found at the work.group’s site [w] for the exhibition. if you are dying to read a text you may enjoy the picaresque fiction of the ‘saga of publius/3‘.


search for the angry red planet

30 January 2005 _ 10h45m56 EDT
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~ our time these days has been duopolized by the marquis project at sisyphean and by postbaroque. not to say that there is a staggering production of work in these other arenas, for most of that time has been invested in the part of the process known as ‘staring vacantly at the wall’ or ‘weeping quietly over drafting board’ or ‘seeking clarity in escape’. no one gives a shit about postbaroque, but one can read more about the marquis project at toastmaster’s grounds [w] and see the project proper at sisyphean [w].

a dot

~ for filler, we have stolen from sisyphean the end-of-the-month ritual of posting the search terms that lead newcomers to the angry red planet. whereas queries on perry kulper’s architecture and the crowmaker are of interest to the work.group fans, the visitors here seem to have more prurient and/or angry thoughts:

angry red planet : 7.3 %
the angry red planet : 4.2 %
men porno : 3.6 %
nude muslim : 3.6 %
coy howard : 1.5 %
muslim nude : 1.5 %
comic book reader .cbr .cbz : 1.2 %
fahrenheit 911 bittorrent : 1.2 %
fuck condoleeza : 1.2 %
nude muslims : 0.9 %

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kerry, coy howard, born 2 lose, godless red

18 October 2004 _ 18h13m55 EDT
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~ In a further demonstration that the Kerry campaign is keeping its ear to the angry red planet for cues concerning the language and salience of its arguments, we have one of our points, posted on an external website:

“Here’s something [Karen Hughes] said post-debate that bugged me on the bike ride home: I heard her say that Kerry didn’t have any plans, he just had a “litany of complaints”. Wow, it is reassuring to know that the Bushes just consider those of us who don’t have jobs are health care are just a bunch of complainers.”
-ashleyGA, 14 October 2004

We compare this with comments made by Senator Kerry whilst he spoke in Tampa today:

“And what does the President of the United States have to say about these out-of-control health care costs that are killing job creation and hurting middle-class families? In the debate the other night, he called these problems “a litany of complaints.”

There you have it folks. George Bush’s answer to our health care problems is to tell the American people: stop whining.”
-John Kerry, 18 October 2004

we would have taken it to the point of using the term ‘whining’ as well, but we did not think that the vast majority of our readers would have appreciated a Coy Howard/George W Bush double entrendre.

a dot

~ we have dropped the service provider for this site in favour of the umbrella which hosts sisyphean, from the ground, and a couple of other great sites. we are not about to publicly damn our old host by name, but if you ever thought ‘damn, the service at the angry red planet is crummy; i wonder why?’, and you are about to move into a new host, feel free to ask us, lest you get caught in the same mess. if you want to join the sisyphean [w] umbrella, and you have reason that would compel the work.group to host you, go ahead and petition them for a site; it would help your case immeasurably if you have ever been hosted by the godless red/born 2 lose house.


at this hour

26 September 2004 _ 02h25m05 EDT
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~ it appears that there is a large group of people congregated at our neighbor’s home. they have filled the rooms and have moved onto the balcony; the volume of the stereo set which is playing recorded music has been increased accordingly. at irregular intervals, empty glass bottles marked ‘miller lite’ are thrown and clatter into the plastic container on the sidewalk. it is curious that they are not adding features to their work websites [w] at this hour.


wrkgrp updates

8 September 2004 _ 22h50m45 EDT
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while not exactly cooking something up, the work.group has reheated an old dish, making hash of leftovers and serving it with a side of salsa verde; the delicacy is known as ex_nihilo.


sisyphean, post baroque, shitty police

21 June 2004 _ 17h34m23 EDT
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~ fear not, we are not abandoning this project. despite our declaration that there will be no more posts – long time readers know how likely that is to be true – we still intend to maintain a presence here. we have spent the past five years in a schizophrenic state, as we have never reached an agreement on the purpose of this site. to make a cat move forward, you pull back its tail; we have found that we move in whichever direction our tail is pulled, such as the expense of a week on building a database for the work images only to cast it aside and write instead some snide remark about how shitty police officers are. this incongruity has arrested our development.

lately, our internet time is taken up with sophisticating sisyphean.com [w] and a new enterprise that is in development. we hope that a new structure will allow us to separate the wheat from the chaff, the style from the content, and allow all endeavours to blossom unhindered. there is no consensus on the content of the future, but we have learnt its nature; while we still intend to bring you features such as the '’history of atlanta', our goal is the return of the angry and the red to 'the angry red planet'.

a dot

~ opensecrets.org [w]


the work.group

15 February 2004 _ 11h28m53 EDT
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~ those interested in our most recent work should take a look at the latest addition to the work.group project.

a dot

we would like a new server; anyone with extra hardware that they would like to donate should get in touch.


bjorg and maoz

15 January 2003 _ 16h31m47 EDT
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~ while our thoughts are on from the ground, please find on their projects page [w]
a new portfolio of postcards from paris, so that you may see who was spending their time in france working while the rest of us were fattening ourselves on bjorg and maoz.