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spain, recovered

1 September 2003 _ 15h45m00 EDT
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~ as our fans may have been able to discern, the date of august 31, 2003, marks the ‘new’ literary release from the angry red planet. now available for purchase is ‘spain, recovered’; please see the zines section for ordering details.

~ a note on the text

The manuscript upon which this text is based was originally composed during a travel through Spain in the winter of 1996. That manuscript, with few modifications, was published as ‘spain’ in March of 1997. At this time it was unknown, but it was to be the first release by the publishing mark ‘the angry red planet’.

While preparing to reprint ‘spain’ for our clamouring audience, an editorial decision was made concerning the alteration of both the content and layout of the text. The original layout of the pages were found to be confusing; for example, the existence of conditions such as passages that should be distinct being forced together. Also, due to a lack of scrutiny, numerous typographic errata were permitted into the final print; a more rigourous editing process was to be undertaken to remove them. In addition, several factual errors, attributed to desultory organization of the source material, were uncovered; the application of research would serve to clear any misrepresentations of the people and places of Spain. Finally, because of the primitive state of technology in 1997, the images throughout ‘spain’ were of a poor quality; the original documents were taken from the angry red planet archives and digitized for a superior image resolution.

However, that which began as a handful of minor cosmetic and grammatical changes grew into a scopious retooling of the entire work. Whereas the original manuscript was written in situ, it contains many stream of consciousness episodes for which the reader, who does not see the whole picture or environment, will be able to muster limited appreciation at best. While the sequence of events has not been altered, an attempt has been made to add colour to this picture – an expanse of this environment. With entire pages freshly crafted, using both the original manuscript and the publication ‘spain’, it was clear that the finished product was something other than a edited reprint of a previous edition.

Instead, the result is a altered account of the same set of occurrences; the events are repeated, but the method in which they are relayed is new. The first publication remains a slightly separate work; it still stands a document on its own, albeit with an outcome divergent from the intentions of this one. Memories that we felt were lost in the original publication are now found in the new one. Herewith, ‘spain’ is not reprinted or re-released; it is, in fact, recovered.

~ happy labor day.


plywood, zines, queens

9 June 2001 _ 10h15m14 EDT
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~ why are 4×8 sheets of plywood $38 in manhattan? if any lumberyards want to donate to the construction of the angry red offices, get in touch.


~ after a morning of backing up some of our video files, we made our first foray via train into spider-man’s hometown of queens. our primary intention was to visit one of the 10 coolest things in the modern world, the unisphere, but we were surprised to find it almost upstaged by a overgrown neighbor. the possibility of a queens scene report has arisen. perhaps.


~ now you can purchase zines from the angry red planet online with paypal. you know longer need to endure the archaic system of placing grubby cash into an envelope and wondering if it will ever get anywhere safely. if you aren’t registered with paypal, do so here, then proceed to fill your summer with our american – and beyond – tales.


worse than queer

28 November 2000 _ 14h02m02 EDT
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~ enough high school drama for a week:

instead our attention is turned to the release of action! 4, the fantastic photobooth project
from icki of sty! zine [w]. the book is far more
fascinating than i could have imagined, full of stories of which you only see a slice and are left desperate to complete or construct. this is by far one of the finest of icki’s productions yet, and i am not saying this because the angry red planet had the honor of designing the cover or because of the freaking amazing 1967 spider-man board game which icki has graciously donated to our spider-man museum!
you now are encouraged to stop what you are doing and put $3 in an envelope addressed to:
p.o.box 11906

berkeley, california


before you seal the envelope, add 2 (maybe 3) more dollars for a copy of slander 7, the latest bomb set by mimi n. [w] the fuse is lit while lulling you with hints of what it is to be in love with icki,
before atomizing every piece of your private (to sexual) and public (to imperial) environment, demanding that you reconstitute them with an understanding of the sources of the cultural framework in which you quietly reside. in a fun way, though.

these powerhouses are two separate zines, of course, but as they share a p.o.box, i don’t think they would mind saving the envelopes or the stamps. if they do, have them take it up with us!



14 October 2000 _ 10h41m39 EDT
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~ as promised, the latest release – 110a from the angry red planet is now available. send your cash or trades or spider-man paraphernalia to our culver city address. feel free to visit the space

people are resourceful

18 September 2000 _ 19h33m51 EDT
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~ disconnected thoughts on the definition of a school: people are not resources; people are resourceful. they are resourceful enough to have invented a plethora of tools which have been engineered and refined with the intention of doing nothing but making life and work more simple. they have even devised a system of associating types of tools, such as scanners and table saws, and exchanging them with another tool, money. an extension of these tools is a system of education; such systems have arisen in which a student pays into an institution, and in return, the student a certain of those resources which are best suited for the task that the student wishes to learn. for example, an aspiring architect might enter into a contract in which he or she pays for the use of a wood or metal shop, or perhaps a library…
what is not acceptable is a school taking $40,000 from a student for a more than two years, promising to him or her the tools that they require, and then not delivering the resources which the have essentially purchased.
it is unacceptable for a school to take this money from them, and then when they demand a return on it or of it, to have a faculty member to tell them to ‘stop fucking whining’ or to ‘get on with their lives’.
it is unacceptable to expect one class or generation of a student body to finance, at the expense of a quality environment, an administration’s future reward.
only a fool would declare that a school, like sci-arc, doesn’t need a building or tools or classrooms, because it has ‘los angeles as a resource. if that is the case, and i am expected to go out and find my education someplace else in los angeles, then by sending money to the bungling administration, i am essentially just buying a degree. i wish i had been told this during the orientation; i could have sent the check in two years ago, and saved myself some time and quite a few folks some grief.


~ 110a, the latest publication from the angry red planet, is almost ready for wide release. the test pressing is on the publisher’s desk this very minute. follow this news closely for updates!


wargames, tron, and space cowboys

18 August 2000 _ 13h22m19 EDT
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~ having returned to my native soil has enabled remarkable progress to the forthcoming releases by the angry red planet zine department. previous ‘coming soon…’ promises expect to be fulfilled by the 13th of the coming october, which is, coincidentally, a friday.


~ the angry red planet has been doing more than just churning out obsolete technology, though. research has continued in the motion picture department: ‘wargames’, ‘tron’, and ‘space cowboys’


~ cnn.com [w] reports that more than a few reporters are upset with the treatment that they received at the hands of the los angeles police department. some technicians and photographers were shot in the back with rubber bullets and bruised in the ribs by billyclubs; these incidents occurred as the cops were trying to shoot protesters in the back with rubber bullets and bruise the protesters’ ribs with billyclubs.


nox, assassin

30 June 2000 _ 15h23m18 EDT
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~ yes. the angry red mazda made it through the second smog check. last month’s ‘nox’ emission was 1873; today’s was only 5. the bastard at ‘rocket smog’ tried to charge me for another test, though i was entitled to a ‘free’ one, since the last one was a failure. in the end, i had to pay $8.25 for something about which i am not sure; i didn’t get anything in return. damn this arcane system. despite my daily use of one of them, cars are still abominable.


~ today’s mail also brought issue number 12 from ‘the assassin and the whiner’. i suggest that you immediately send $1 to carrie for your copy; find carrie’s address in the ‘zine contacts’ page of the angry red planet.



8 June 2000 _ 07h55m51 EDT
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~ the angry red planet just received its invitation to the ‘te gusta?’ exhibition, which features ian lynam of migraine fame, along with kinya hamada and eric mast, in the show promises ‘web animations, paintings, and stuffed animal craziness’. the show runs 2 june-27 june at space1026, philadelphia. assorted websites on the invitation:


Southern Girls Convention

17 May 2000 _ 09h10m16 EDT
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~ from the angry red planet inbox:


I’m writing on behalf of the 2nd Annual
Southern Girls Convention, being held this year in
Louisville, KY. From July 5th-7th, we hope to
provide three days of knowledge and empowerment
through workshops, discussions, activism
opportunities, and a show featuring female musicians
of all genres. The convention, of course, is not
limited to girls or Southerners in attendance, but
will hopefully act as an opportunity for Southern
feminists to educate each other and form alliances.
Here’s where you come in — we’re looking for
people to set up tables during the convention, to
get the word out about their girl-friendly
organizations and businesses. Right now we’re
planning for housing and meal arrangements for
participants from out of town and we want to take
care of everyone who’s willing to help us out with
this! There’s been a lot of support for SGC so far,
and we’re expecting a big turnout – this is a great
way to meet other like-minded individuals! If you
wish to use your table for selling merchandise,
we’re asking a $15 donation, however there is no
charge to set up a table distributing free
pamphlets/information. We’d love to get as many
tables set up as space allows and I’m trying to get
a count of how much that will be ahead of time, so
please let me know if you’re interested in the next
week or so!

If you have any questions about the convention,
please visit our webpage at http://www.brat.org/sgc2000/





5 April 2000 _ 04h20m19 EDT
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~ star sighting: weeks ago, i was driving through koreantown with an out-of-town-guest, trying to turn left onto pico, and waiting for the traffic to clear. a pink corvette comes across the street, forcing me to wait longer; before it passes, i get a look at the bumper, upon which is emblazoned the name ‘angelyne’.
   me: look! look! it’s angelyne!
   guest: what?
   me: and she’s in the freaking corvette!
   guest: (repeatedly) who is angelyne?
   me: actually, i don’t really know…she’s on billboards everywhere, so she’s famous, but she’s only famous for being on billboards…
   finally, was able to steal from one of my students, a picture.

~ mailbox: two very thick copies of ‘driver side airbag’ [w], the eclectic compilation zine by los angeleno m. halchin.