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bush administration insists on torture

26 October 2005 _ 18h52m51 EDT
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~ y’all probably missed the announcement because you were swimming through dozens of articles on the fact that the electricity is out in miami, but the position of the bush administration has been stated to be that the torture of anyone in the custody of the united states is wrong, except when it is alright:

The White House wants the CIA to be exempted from a proposed ban on the abusive treatment of terrorism suspects being held in United States custody. –the guardian

a lot of fucks can make indian summer hay that the indictments on tom delay’s money laundering, the investigations on bill frist’s insider trading, the questions about harriet miers’s competence/intelligence, and who knows what the fuck about the grand jury investigation of security leaks all being politically motivated (as though that makes them unsubstantiated or fraudulent) but how on earth can someone defend the administration at the point where it insists that the united states exists at the same moral ground as saudi arabia, syria, al qaeda and russia?

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~ speaking of torture, the temperature in philadelphia has dropped from the 70’s to the 40’s in less than a week. we left our gloves in clichy or new jersey; feel free to peep the gloves on our wish list!

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