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4 May 2009 _ 17h13m52 EDT
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victim of philadelphia, part 5

9 December 2005 _ 14h50m38 EDT
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~ at the suggestion of saul cups, we are posting a plea. the following items were last seen in the rear of a honda civic in west philadelphia. please let us know if you see them on the sidewalk, under a bridge, or in the possession of a fucking asshole:

  • 1 box of about 100 marvel and vertigo comic books, dated jan 2005-november 2005, all bagged, boarded, and alphabetized.
  • 1 belkin wireless router, still boxed
  • 1 ‘peets’ box containing 950+ ‘postbaroque’ postcards
  • 1 ‘path’ shoebox containing various first aid goods, photographs, collection of posters, postcards, envelopes most of which also mentioned ‘postbaroque’.
  • 1 box various kitchen tools, such as spatula, whisk, spoons.
  • set of various ‘stanley’ hand tools, such as hammer, screwdrivers, level, measuring tape, etc
  • spindle of compaq discs containing software
  • various musical compact discs, such as billy bragg, spiritualized, lyle lovett
a dot

~ howard dean on the differences between democrats:

“The differences are pretty small, perhaps Senator Lieberman excepted.”



dean christo

12 February 2005 _ 13h06m23 EDT
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~ the democratic party, by and large, is full of irresolute and obsequious weaklings, so we do not care what happens to that worthless party. regardless, we would like to raise our cup to dr. dean – the only man not named dennis in the entire party – for taking the chair of the same organization which rallied to destroy him (and subsequently their chances for defeating bush in november) last spring. has it been a full year since we sat at a metal table in an unheated apartment and composed letters to all those primary states which we loathe so much?

a dot

~ seventeen more people were killed in iraq today; how that this be so? didn’t they vote on something over there?

a dot

~ stop asking us if we give a shit about christo in central park.


electoral postmortem

5 November 2004 _ 14h18m50 EDT
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~ We haven’t been devastated or depressed or demolished at the angry red planet. we felt it would be prudent to refrain from making any immediate, knee jerk posts about our late national troubles, lest we end up with something which later proves embarrassing, such as ‘we are never voting again’ or ‘we are moving to Spain’ or ‘fuck all y’all Christian bigots’. now that we have pondered the matter for a day and a half, as well as read thousands of rant and raves on the Internet, we feel that we can make a few notes for posterity that are are unblemished by any strains of emotion and desperation.

First and foremost, lets absolve ourselves of any misconception that there will be any unity or healing between the factions. Fuck that. We have realized that we do not merely disagree about solutions to national problems with the right, we literally have divergent conceptions of what the United States of America is supposed to be. We at the angry red planet know that it is an product of the Enlightenment, engineered by men who, despite their aristocratic faults, were progressive intellectuals who desired a broad expanse for thought above all else; however, our contemporary right wants to impose restrictive, nativist codes of thought and behaviour upon anyone in its boundaries. This will destroy the Founding Fathers’ experiment; for this, We hate you. Rather than heal or unite with our neighboring crusaders, we will maintain our bitterness, savor our rancor, and clutch our anger close to our hearts. There is a place for you in this country to abide by and honour your own codes, but not for a moment will we harbour the notion that we should compromise and allow them into public contract.

It was all we could stomach to even suggest the possibility that it would be alright for someone to vote for Kerry Edwards, for they had stated for the record that they were opposed to marriage between men and between women. If we could not tolerate the Kerry Edwards statements, we sure as shit are not going to ‘unite’ with any of the bigoted fucks who turned out to vote for the amendments to various state constitutions; and that includes the Kerry voters who voted for amendment 1 in Georgia. Fuck all y’all. And fuck y’all in 2006 and 2008.

(a corollary: We understand Kerry’s argument that he voted for ‘authorization’ and not for ‘war’, but we consider that to be bull crap; if you don’t see that giving permission to start a war to a guy who clearly is hellbent on starting a war is the same as agreeing to the war, then you are a dipshit.)

our fellow non-republicans – liberals, leftists, progressives, independents, and the democrats – are in turmoil and have immediately begun to lay out plans for 2006 and 2008 that consists of learning how to have some ‘values’ and building some ‘infrastructure’; they base this reaction upon a simple exit poll which stated that ‘values’ were what determined the vote for millions of Americans. you won’t find any plan of attack or proposal for infrastructure in this post, for a couple of reasons. for one thing, we consider this to be a cultural war, not a semantic debate; for another, we know what these assholes value, and under no circumstances shall we pander to such bigoted isolationism. instead, this post contains a few selections from our epiphanies and postulations of the last couple of days. our plan of attack for the upcoming years will be enacted, not described.

(semantics: We have determined that you can not suss out these right wingers’ ‘values’ and subsequently have a discussion on their terms. a case in point is the number of deaths in iraq – on both sides. they, the right wing, sincerely do not care if people die; you can not even rationalize with them that few deaths is better than many deaths, because the lives of other people mean nothing to them. the lives of arabs across the sea mean less than nothing. pointing out the incongruities between their values and the inhumanity of illegal war is a waste of time, as they do not value human life. the deaths we have caused in our wars and in our neglect of the poor at home needs to be removed from the discussion, as the notion is unimportant to the right.)

other fellow non-republicans, stop calling people in the south and midwest names such as ‘ignorant red state crackers’. no state is 100% red; it is a disservice to the millions of voters and workers and canvassers against bush who live in ‘red states’ who tried their best to unseat him. in addition, no state – save for two or three tiny new england backwaters – turned out entirely blue. every state is a ‘red state’; they only look ‘blue’ in the end because your cities outweigh your hinterlands. take cook county from illinois and peep what colour is left. the weak pejorative ‘cracker’ as a synonym for an uneducated, religiously righteous redneck is also incorrect; 75% of the black voters in georgia voted to deny rights to Americans who are gay. no race has a monopoly on prejudice.

(crackers: months ago, we touched upon an event that drove us from a group of folks of similar political persuasion. we had mentioned casually that there were going to be americans voting for bush, and we quickly were informed by someone from santa barbara. that no one would vote for bush. various pieces of evidence, facts, and hearsay were provided. ‘granted this is all true,’ we noted, ‘but you should prepare yourself for the fact that bush is popular; we can’t go 10 yards without peeping ‘bush cheney’ signs.’ we were then informed that we live in ‘bumblefuck’. at that word, we ceased the debate, and broke off communication with santa barbara. there are a number of levels at which barbara’s statement is fucked.
1. not everyone is wealthy enough to live in santa barbara; condescension from a ‘progressive’ towards people to poor to live in her community is not admirable.
2. not everyone has the same information that the elite santa barbarans have; one must accept that ‘bumblefuck’ might know less or more that the santa barbarans
2b. prepare yourself that ‘bumblefuck’, upon given the same evidence, will draw different conclusions than the santa barbarans, based on divergent backgrounds, environment, and circumstances.
3. calling someone’s home ‘bumblefuck’ is an effective method for ensuring that they will assume a different position than one’s own; if our environment and circumstances are so great, why would we share ideals?
4. everyone must live somewhere; at that point, it is not ‘bumblefuck’
5. considering that bush never polled below 40% of voters, it is not rational to assume that nobody will vote for him; it that were the case, we would only need one nader or kerry voter in each state.)

perennial thug rudy giuliani stretched reality to suggest that the relationship between kerry and bush – by extension, their parties and supporters – is equivalent to the relationship between thomas jefferson and john adams; those guys hated each other at the close of their bitter contest for the 1800 presidency. years afterward, they started an amicable and brilliant correspondence about politics, texts, and planting which lasted for years. when we see the amercian public or politicians reading and writing about anything that does not involve ashlee simpson, donald trump, or laci peterson, then we will revisit this proposal, until then we will consider giuliani’s head to be up his ass.

is it worth moving out of the county – fleeing to canada or new zealand or some other place where they politely speak american? the backlash to this desire is that we are supposed to buck up, stop whining, and get ready to fight back; parallels are drawn to the fact that unions and women and blacks didn’t get what they wanted at the outset. naturally. however, for what exactly are we fighting? as stated above, this is no longer the great experiment begun by jefferson, adams, madison, and even the asshole hamilton. america is a conglomeration of fatasses who are more interested in making payments on a new HDTV and riding lawnmower and suvs with dvd players than they are in participatory democracy. americans are teenage girls getting plastic surgery. americans watch ‘cribs’ and include burger king in a weight loss regimen. americans drive cadillac suvs while living in whitefoord. americans are so obese that they are causing drag on airplanes. americans construct hideous buildings like symphony tower super walmarts. americans willing choose ignorance and provincialism over introspection and contemplation; they do not believe in science or modernity.

(coincidentally, it is curious that we just picked up the latest ‘national geographic magazine’, which features a story on evolution; the title ‘was darwin wrong?’ is followed with ‘no. [but 88% of americans will not believe anything in this article is true]’ )

in other words, there is a gaping divide between the occasional self serving newsweek article that describes the greatness of the united states – offering examples of madison’s bill of rights and the citizen soldiers of world war 2 – and the mundane reality of millions who just do not give a shit about anything beyond filling their own fatty lives with muffin bars, ‘the oc’, and ipods. it is one thing to desire to defend the ethics of the declaration of independence and the bill of rights; it is another to defend people who are not interested. are we expected to be like chauvinistic missionaries, leading supposed savages to our faith? we reckon we are not; the information is out there, we can no longer expend energy coddling these two legged vermin and teaching them to be adults. we say that people can either get on board or be written off; Americans, you are now with us or against us.

a dot

we have been unable to find ralph nader’s concession speech; the nearest admission of defeat we could locate was a november 2 speech which he gave at the press club which seemed to reveal a premonition that he would not take the white house. nader concluded his speech with two names no americans will recognize:

“As Eugene Debs once said and as I.F. Stone once said, the only struggles for social justice worth fighting for are those where you lose and you lose and you lose until you win”


meme, springsteen, derrida

12 October 2004 _ 16h49m44 EDT
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~ a couple of more terms to add to the list of those that annoy us:

  • ‘game on’ – this might have been cute once, at the beginning of the cycle, but it becomes senseless after arbitrary reuse, mainly because ‘game on’ can only occur once. examples: “kerry owned the first debate…game on!”; “act has $125 million to spend on getting out the vote…game on!”; “bush has been busted wearing a wire during the debates…game on!”
  • ‘cycle’ – this is too vaguely used in reference to random scenarios that either are already represented by descriptions of length, such as ‘month’, or are so open-ended that they do not cycle. examples: “election cycle”; “contribution cycle”; “news cycle”
  • ‘meme’ – we are very interested in the concept of the meme, but we are tired of the enthusiasm with which people repeat the word as a demonstration of the fact that they are keeping up with election tactics. example: “push bush’s impetuousness at the debates to plant the meme that he is an angry jackass.”
a dot

~ for those who were unable to peep out the finale of the vote for change tour finale last night, read the following then follow it with a blistering rendition of ‘born to run’

“We remain a land of great promise, but I think we need to move America towards the fulfillment of promises she has made to her citizens; economic justice, civil rights, protection of the environment, a living wage, respect for others and humility in exercising our power at home and around the world.

These are not impossible ideals, they are achievable goals, with strong leadership and the will of a vigilant and informed American people. These core issues of America’s identity are what’s at stake when we vote on November 2nd . And I believe, that Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards understand these important issues and are prepared to help our country move forward. I think they understand America is not always right, that’s a fairy tale for children. As John Edwards said, struggle and heartbreak will always be with us.

But one thing America should be is true, and it’s in seeking her truth, both the good and the bad that we find a deeper patriotism, that we find a more authentic experience as citizens. And we find the power that is embedded only in the truth to change our world for the better. And that’s how our soul as a nation as a people will be revealed and it is what we are fighting for on November 2nd.

The country we carry in our hearts is waiting” – bruce springsteen

a dot

~ bush flop [w]

a dot

~ we all like to talk about how stupid bush is, but is it really fair? what if the man is suffering from a degenerative disease? obviously, his drug use and alcoholism might be to blame for his mental decline. regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that he is not qualified to serve as president or drive a car, but we wouldn’t want to make fun one someone whose incompetence arises from a disease or handicap, would we? see his acuity disappear in quicktime [mov]!

a dot

~ is it really necessary to petition the new york times to confess that its obituary of derrida [w] is unkind? firstly, we all know that the paper has lost its credibility in the past couple of years. secondly, if you are getting a 2200 word obituary in a dandy paper like the new york times, can you really complain? if we get that much press when we are killed, it ain’t likely that we’ll bitch about the particulars of being called ‘frauds’ or ‘talentless hacks’. that’s better than a 3 word epitaph, such as ‘they lived here’.
update: if you want a lesson in the best way to be disrespectfully deferential, see the london times [w] “is derrida dead?…We know only two things. We do not know. And M Derrida is in no position to enlighten us.”


Zell revisited

1 September 2004 _ 23h41m01 EDT
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~ You’ll have to take our word for it when we say that we crafted a witty and astute retort to the attitudes and misrepresentations in a recent speech by one of our Senators. However, considering that the senator’s strategy is that he would rather be a pariah of notoriety than a pissant in obscurity, we reckon it would be best to spend no more bytes on his memory. regardless of how well he tore his party a new one, his true dubious accomplishment is that many more folks throughout the rest of the country think that georgians are opportunistic back stabbers. rather than rant and rave about this sellout, we’ll wait until november 2nd and watch him wonder where all of his new found friends have gone.

a dot

~ this is not about our senator, but about the reaction of the delegates to parts of his speech: why does a Republican delegate cheer when someone says something like “the b1 bomber dropped 40% of the bombs” on anyone. is it just to disturb those of us who do not find titillation in the violent death of others?


kerry vs vietnam vs nader

25 August 2004 _ 17h21m33 EDT
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we know that the “swift boat veterans for truth” are lying, and we know that they are illegally coordinating their efforts with the bush campaign. both of these revelations have been proved in the popular press. of course, the situation is annoying: the situation in which republicans who haven’t served tear down the military service of veterans (bush vs. mccain & chambliss vs. cleland), in which a former ‘band of brothers’ concocts stories to smear one of their own, in which a candidate claims to have nothing to do with a group with whom he shares a lawyer and distributes fliers. we know all this; is it necessary for democrats to continually tear open the holes in their stories, considering that most of us would never have heard of the attacks if we had not been presented with the ‘defense’. in other words, democrats have only increased these swift boaters’ popularity are we still going to be discrediting these veterans on november 10th?

as stated, it is annoying to hear the lies and spin from the republicans. however, there is something more annoying: watching the democrats waving the bloody shirt and picking through the most excruciating details of the occurrences, such as what the viet cong was wearing, if the arm kerry used to pull a guy from the river was actually the bleeding arm, and whether it is okay so shoot charlie in the back.

have you heard the anecdotes about republicans holding their noses and voting for kerry this november? of course you have, and you should probably know that there are plenty of democrats and independents who will be doing the same thing. those of us who supported a liberal like kucinich or a progressive like dean are not at all enthusiastic about the centrist standard bearer that the democratic machine installed as the nominee.

we can not stress enough how much some of us who are – and were – opposed the the war in iraq, and were somehow prescient enough to understand that bush was going to start it regardless of the forces which noted that it would be a mistake, such as the u.n., our allies, weapons inspectors , the c.i.a. (kerry and his apologists somehow think that there is a difference between voting for the war and voting to give authorization to a guy who is hellbent on starting the war to start the war), find it distasteful and unnerving that kerry is swaggering around like rambo just because some republicans call him a sissy. we would truly be reassured to see him putting some energy into detailing what he plans to do about the quagmire in iraq next year than constantly reiterating that his feelings are hurt when someone declares that he was not a ‘hero’ for four months over 30 years ago.

the republicans know that a lie or smear, even if disproved, will still have enough of an effect in the minds of voters to make it worth the effort and embarrassment to spread the lie in the first place. so while al franken or media matters – both well-meaning – are busy talking about minutiae, such as whose initials were on kerry’s after action reports and how many bullet holes were in kerry’s boat (three), the people whose minds the republicans wished to affect have already been made up, and the republicans have moved on to something else, leaving the democrats to waste time on damage control. they say that generals always fight the previous war; democrats seem to fight the previous week’s allegations.

sadly, the u.s.a. is not a very introspective nation. the angry red planet would like for to see our contests involve more debate, more depth, and less compression, but in a nation that is so full of anti-intellectualism that liberals are chided for having educations (unless the don’t have them, then they are lemmings), it seems that the willful ignorance of the consuming class is systemic, something to which the republican focus groups cater and develop, not something at which they arrive after overcoming some brilliant curiosity. the case isn’t that americans are too stupid to have a sincere discussion, it seems that they just refuse to do so. people don’t want to know where hotdogs come from, so it follows that they don’t want to hear that china is loaning us money to make up for tax cuts made during a war that will allow us to continue to have enough cheap gas to distance ourselves from our neighbors.

we know kerry was in vietnam; who cares? a lot of men were in vietnam; it does not convince us that they are qualified to institute single payer health care and to lead the restructuring of the c.i.a. if kerry hadn’t marched around the nation, saluting like a clown after his convention, then the veterans who he pissed off back in the 70’s would not be coming out of their holes to tear him a new one. the lessons of ’88 were that, if you let attacks go unanswered, you will lose; the lessons of ’00 were that if you answer every attack, you will lose. kerry should have just said ‘yes, i was in vietnam; they gave me some medals for killing some guys; it was an unfortunate time’ and left it behind him. going on and on like it was a great thing to be an american soldier in vietnam (we mean this in the political sense of what are americans doing in vietnam?!, not that there aren’t american soliders who are great), and that it is relevant to making policy today is just going to draw out the ridiculous debate of who is a hero and who is a killer, when most of us would really like to hear such a debate about something that actually matters to the u.s.a. in 2004.

a dot

~ is kerry finally trying to appeal to nader fans by utilizing arcane, inaccessible verbiage?

Stewart also sought answers to another hard-hitting question: “Is it true that every time I use ketchup, your wife gets a nickel?” The candidate’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, derived her wealth from her late husband, an heir to the Heinz food fortune.

“Would that it were,” Kerry said.

a dot

~ the US military is still holding back from storming the ‘3rd most holy shrine in islam’ because it will piss off the people who already hate them. we don’t see how this war/peace/occupation can be won by an army who is fighting on the terms of the enemy. in world war 2, the british did not have any qualms about killing more french civilians than they killed nazis when bombing caen. seriously, as much as we find the ‘explanations’ about islamic culture by western press laughable and condescending, we probably don’t want to see u.s. marines tearing down mosques, despite our rabid belief in the separation of church and state. although the angry red planet did once say that we’d like to see spain go war against morocco, just out of curiosity.


kerry salutes, cathy woolard, mozilla thunderbird

3 August 2004 _ 19h03m06 EDT
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~ john kerry needs to knock off that salute schtick right now. for one thing, it is against military protocol for any civilian – even the president – to salute active duty officers and enlisted men; this is not the primary reason he should cut it out of his campaign speeches, however. kerry seems to have gotten a big kick over how well that tacky ‘reporting for duty’ gimmick went over at the beginning of his nomination acceptance speech. since that time, we’ve seen numerous images of him repeating the move whenever he makes an appearance on his bus/train tour. the kerry talking points are that bush didn’t go to vietnam, and kerry volunteered to fight in vietnam; okay, that lesson has been learned by anyone who plans to vote this november. nevertheless, many of kerry’s ‘supporters’ are still sore over how the democratic party administration swindled the anti-war dean out of the nomination; also note the only other candidate who received delegate votes is the only other anti-war candidate, the honorable dennis kucinich. the new lesson is that the continued conjuring of militaristic imagery and sloganeering by the democratic candidate whose vague hints about his strategy for iraq suggest that his plan is indistinguishable from bush’s plan is a turn off for the idealistic supporters of the progressive former candidates whose tenuous loyalty to kerry is one of convenience, not affinity.

even the pedants at the angry red planet, recently troubled by the bedfellows whom ralph nader has chosen in his efforts to have his name on the ballots in certain states, from whom he has chosen to accept money, and who he has chosen to publish his latest book, hesitantly considered a concession that kerry is the last best hope for the united states. however, a bitter attack upon the angry red planet by fellow liberals and/or progressives over our announcement that we believe that dekalb county/metro atlanta would better be served by cathy woolard than by cynthia mckinney brought us to reevaluate the value of doctrine and our place within its confines; the result of this examination has been a new lease on the life of our nader votes. as far as john kerry goes, though, he still looks like a jackass to everyone who isn’t gung ho about the fiasco in iraq or in vietnam every time he salutes other civilians.

a dot

~ after five good years of eudora [w], we have made the switch to thunderbird [w]. we’ve only had it open for a day, and though it seems slow in sending mail – this perception is probably due to the progress window that pops up instead of running the background – thunderbird’s handling of multiple email accounts and identities is far superior to eudora’s abilities, which is why we made the switch in the first place. even so, we would like to see all the email accounts place the incoming mail in the same inbox whilst still using imap.


byzantine chess match

2 March 2004 _ 10h49m18 EDT
related content:

~ back in january, we thought some people in iowa were fools for not having made a decision less than a day before their caucus. this ‘super’ tuesday, it is clear that we won’t vote for kerry; it is not clear what will be the most effective move against him. we had been pulling for dean, even sending out all those handwritten letters, so our original intention was to vote for him as an ‘i told you so’ to the naysayers and morons who used the term ‘dot-com’ when referring to his candidacy. it is conceivable that our state could go for edwards, so should we vote for him just to spite kerry and to add some tumult to the season? kucinich is the only person in the running who comes close to the ideological persuasion of the angry red planet, so perhaps we should ‘vote our conscience’, despite the likelihood that he might not get the nomination; this is what we have always done in the past. the result is that we are stuck in the position against which it is our policy to rail: having a vote be part of some byzantine chess match instead of having it be some declaration of hope and optimism.

of course, this is all idle chatter, because when november arrives, we will be casting our votes for an independent candidate.


letter from michael moore

8 October 2002 _ 11h46m09 EDT
related content:

~ from the angry red planet inbox:

Subject: [plist] Letter from Michael Moore (PLEASE WAKE UP TO CORRUPTION – NO WAR,

October 1, 2002


Dear Friends,

This is Michael Moore, activist and filmmaker, with an important message to all Americans who don’t like being fooled and lied to by the assholes in power.

I was going to write you a letter about what a pathetic liar George W. Bush is — but then I figured, hey, why waste your time telling you something you already know!

You already know that his planned invasion of Iraq is a ruse meant to distract the public from the real issues, those issues being the following:

1. The number of people unemployed since he “took” office has risen by 35%.
2. We had a federal SURPLUS of $281 billion when he was inaugurated; today we have a DEFICIT of $157 billion.

3. TWO MILLION jobs have been eliminated since Bush began his occupation of the Oval Office.
4. The stock market is down 34% since January of 2001.
5. Another 1.4 million people now have NO health insurance, making it a total of over 41 million Americans who can’t afford to get sick.
6. Only 13 corporate crooks out of HUNDREDS have been indicted, and none of them have been the close personal friends of Mr. Bush.

THOSE are the real issues facing us, not some phony excuse for a war.

But, like I said, you already know that. You know that Bush is lying through his smirk when he says Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction.” He has not offered one shred of evidence to prove this. Not one! You know he is lying when he says that there is a “connection” between Saddam and bin Laden. Even members of his own administration have admitted that is not true. It’s just one lie after another, and I applaud those three congressmen who went to Iraq this week and told it like it is — and demanded that the sanctions which have already killed a half-million Iraqi children be ended. Sen. Trent Lott said “they should come home and keep their mouths shut.” I say, we need more damn Democrats with that kind of courage and with mouths like that! Which brings me to the real point of this letter. The Democrats.

I have never seen a more lame bunch of cowards and appeasers in my life. They are ready to bow down before Bush and give him what he wants to wage war against Iraq. This pathetic excuse of a party is an embarrassment to us all. The fact that they let Robert Torricelli run for re-election in New Jersey, knowing how dirty he was, shows just how capable they are of handing the Senate over to Bush and the Republicans come November. They have blown it over and over again, and lots of good people I know who keep putting their faith in the Democrats are just giving up — and that is the worst thing to happen in a free society.

What are we going to do? Left to their own devices, the Democrats will not only hand both the House and the Senate to the Republicans in November,they will guarantee that Bush gets his second undeserved term in 2004. We must not let that happen. This year’s election was theirs for the taking. Just look at the state of the union Bush gave us: Bush cronies caught stealing from the corporate till, Bush and Cheney caught breaking the law in the ’90s, the economy in the toilet, and Bush failing to do the only real job he had to do since 9/11: Get bin Laden! What a disgrace! Yet the Democrats could not even find enough candidates to offer a REAL challenge to the Republicans in nearly 200 House districts for the November 5th elections. What an appalling excuse of a party. OK, I know, there is not much we can do about this now. But we all need to get busy and ensure that this whole rotten system is rocked by the disgruntled millions come election day 2004. Otherwise, we have no right to complain.

In the meantime, we must stop the Bush attack on Iraq. We must find out now, as W says, “who is wid us and who is agin us.” I am asking each of you to go to [link] and sign the petition to the Democrats: “You’re Either With Us Or You’re Fired,” informing the Democrats that whoever amongst them votes for this war, we pledge NEVER to vote for them again. I will personally see that your on-line signatures are delivered to every member of Congress. Then let’s figure out together what we can do to turn things around by 2004.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. We have no other choice.

Michael Moore



~ with full knowledge that participating in machine-operated electoral politics is a futile exercise, the angry red planet still encourages you to vote against the democrats (and others) despite their actions regarding the above letter.

~ with full knowledge that michael moore participates in the consumption of beef purchased from mcdonald’s, the angry red planet still encourages you to consider making the useless gesture requested in the above letter.